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Absa Bank Scam from Ghana

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Mr. Philip Konadu had an idea of money, which he told he has. He did not mention the path of business and unfortunately he did not even know the reason of his business as you can see. it could be money laundering. Most likely it is only phishing the address and the identity, which may be used again for further crimes.

Neither the business nor the the story exists.

Nothing about this is true, therefore, as with other scam messages from the Nigerian and Ghanaian mafia: do not reply, do not send any personal information or documents, no money, even if the perpetrators vehemently demand it. Move the mail to the digital waste bin where such excesses belong. The name of Absa was stolen.

Dear confidant,
My name is Mr. Philip Konadu.

I have a lucrative offer of mutual interest to share with you, please take your time to read through my message carefully and respond as soon as possible. I have a transaction of $5,800,000.00 only. I realized this fund from bank excess profit after trading with the capital sum and I deposited the funds in escrow call account. Finally, I did not declare these funds to the bank before my medical retirement.

As a former staff of Absa bank Ghana, I cannot be directly connected to this money, this is why I am requesting your assistance to present you as the depositor and owner of these funds so that you will request for the account to be closed and the money wired to you in your Country, and as soon as it gets there, we share it 55% for me and 45% for you for your help and participation. 
I assure you that you have absolutely nothing to lose in this, it is simply going to be a bank-to-bank wire transfer, and can be completed within 7 days, and will take place at the bank head office the International Remittance Department where all the international transfers are being carried out.

As soon as the money is transferred, I will come to your country for the sharing as we have both mutually agreed. I plan to relocate completely to your Country right after this. All I need from you is your total trust and sincerity to work with me and the money will be transferred to you as soon as you request for the transfer from the bank, don’t worry I will be guiding you all the way through the process.
I am open to doing this with you if you are serious, trustworthy, and can keep things in confidence. 
I await your swift response.
Sincerely,Mr. Philip Konadu.

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