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Scam Parcel by John Harris and Mrs. Louise Gelineau

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Actually, everyone can work out that this is a scam, the perpetrators just want to get hold of the gift card and think they are doing business in this scammer quickie. However, the cards can now be traced by their serial number. Neither ATM card ever existed, nor will it ever exist. DHL has been robbed of its identity, so don’t reply, don’t send documents, don’t send money, don’t send anything. Move the mail to the digital dustbin.

Dear E-mail Owner,

This is Mrs. Louise Gelineau i registered your Inheritance Claim`s ATM

Card of (US$10.5M) with DHL Express with registration code of (96776),

please Contact DHL company with your delivery information ok

information: DHL OFFICE:

Name: John Harris

E-mail: (

she have paid for the Insurance & Delivery fee.The only fee you have

to paid is Security keep fee $25 only.please Contact DHL OFFICE: and

send them $25 only , before you will received your ATM Card  ,Please

indicate the registration Number of (22-87457 ) use the $25  buy

Google play gift card or iTunes gift card or eBay gift card oka

Best Regards.

Mrs. Louise Gelineau

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