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Barrister Anthony McRaes Scammer Story

Yet another story from a supposed lawyer.

No, there is no money, but first you pay numerous certification letters, notary fees and other costs, then the transport and then the perpetrators will disappear digitally.
Therefore: Do not answer, do not send any documents, no money. The perpetrators are in Nigeria.
Move the mail to the digital dustbin.

After going through your profile I find you capable of doing a transaction with you. I am a Lawyer and intend to make you the beneficiary of some funds.
This will be easy for me because my client died without a WILL this I know because I was part of the process in trust and Over here in the United Kingdom the funds will be confiscated by the CROWN if nobody lay claims to it as the beneficiary. As his Lawyer, I have all it takes to make you the legal beneficiary.

I will explain to you in detail how I intend to carry out this project Legally if I get a response from you.

Barrister Anthony McRae

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