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Attention The Onwer Of This Package,

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Once again the adventurous story of an ATM card that seems to have fallen from the sky and is now to be sent by parcel. By UN Transport.

You are supposed to buy a gift card for it, the only thing that’s surprising is what it’s for.

Neither the parcel nor the ATM card exist.
Therefore: Do not reply, do not send any documents or even the code of a gift card. Put the mail in the trash.

One really wonders what pills the scammers have thrown in.

Attention The Owner Of This Package,

It’s my pleasure to remind you that your ATM Visa Card with

registration CODE ( P22x96tm/16/ XXFCBR7777 ) which was successful

registered for delivery few days ago will be cancel on from now to the

middle of October if you fail to send the $25 dollars for the two

stamps of your documents with the Singing ,so i am here to let you

know that you are the only one that is delaying your fund here which

is total sum of $2.500,000.00 Two Million Five Hundred Thousand

Dollars and remember that we do not have enough of time to keeping

delaying on this anymore because you need to do your possible best to

get this done from now to the middle of October so you can receive

your card and start making use of it , your first withdraw per a day

is only $30,000 dollars,

Your ATM Visa Card delivery will be cancel from now to the middle of

October so you need to work hard and its very urgent for you to

receive your card from now to the middle of October, Here are the

details of your ATM Visa Card:

1: Your Pin Code (1950)

2: Your CVN Code 334

3: Amount Permitted For Withdrawal is $30,000.00 Daily.


Registration Number:——P22xv96tm/ 16/ XXFCBR7777

Delivery Status:———-Virtual Pending

Delivery Type:———–Premium Service

Color of consignment :–Brown

Total weight of parcel :—-0.1kg

Bonded draft of weight :—-0. 1kg

parcel/original certificate of weight :–0.2kg:

So, I am waiting to hear from you right back because the fee of $25 is

the only thing holding your package here right now and will be

definitely deliver to you upon receiving the $25 signing & stamping

fee from you, send us $25 Steam Wallet or iTunes card to be redeemed

to cash to receive your ATM VISA CARD to start withdrew your money

with the card, I want to hear from you right back.

You are free to pay the $25 by buy any of the listed card iTunes Card

or Steam Wallet Gift Card of $25. Send me copy photo of the card then

I will go to sign and stamp your ATM VISA CARD PARCEL for a speed

deliver it to you.

We are waiting for your responds.

Thank you once again.

thank you so much, your urgent response is highly needed,


Mr. Ben W Eric


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