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This is Kant Scam

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Bad day for fraudsters.

What a disaster, what is written down there in a few lines. We know the story, almost exactly the same, from countless mails of the IMF fraud. And now the World Bank group. We can all understand why no one dared to sign under it.

Big names whose identities have been stolen. The scammers take every opportunity to take even the Covid-19 crisis for their trick writing.

It still applies: don’t fall for it. The story is fictitious, so don’t give out any documents or personal details, don’t reply, don’t send any money – but throw the mail straight into the digital bin.

This is  Kant, World Bank Group Managing Director  As part of our social responsibility for the fight against coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19) damages, We announce to you that you are shortlisted through your E-MAIL ADDRESS for a Global Development & Financial Support of US$10,000,000 (Ten Million United States Dollars) from the World Bank Group through the International Finance Corporation (IFC) in this year 2021. Your file Reference Number is (IFC-060344_WG).
Note:  This Global Development Funding Program started in 2019 when so many families, Businesses and companies around the globe were locked down due to the troubles caused by COVID_19. We came together through several indoor conferences and initiated this Global Development funding for people in different countries. Forward your full details  and Your file Reference, for processing and payment of your IFC Global Development  Fund.

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