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The reprehensible sutlers of war – Markovych Anastasia Newman

exploded house in borodyanka

Abnormality is not a sufficient term for war, but what the antagonists in Ukraine do to each other every day is hell on earth.

But now there are those who want to make money from the suffering. There is no end to the perversion. The story this person tells has nothing to do with the truth, of course. The whole of society must condemn these perverted war profiteers who don’t care about the missile attacks and the rapes, the main thing is that there is still a rich profit. When little children are raped in war, when people are kidnapped like objects, these storytellers and their endless greed are at the lowest rung of civilisation. It could also be that it is part of the campaign of one of the warring parties. Do not interfere. Therefore, do not reply, and do not send documents or money under any circumstances. Move the mail to the digital dustbin.

I thank you for your time to read this mail and also for your
future positive response. I am MRS Markovych Anastasia Newman,
the wife of late Markovych Petro Oleksander. I am originally from
the United States of America. I found love and relocated to
Ukraine. I was married and lived in Ukraine for 7 good years,
until my husband got killed. My husband used to be the owner of a
major oil business in Ukraine, Moreso, he was a Russian political
godfather. My husband was in pursuit of higher power and
authority, but did not agree to Putin’s plan to invade Ukraine,
unfortunately he lost his ability to pursue higher political
goals in Russia and since then he became a target man for his
oppositions and also Putin and that had led to the loss of
various businesses, assets and properties and unfortunately his
life. Some of our properties like my Yacht and boats got seized
due to the fact that a lot of international waters are not
accepting billionaires, especially those who have businesses
within the Russia Federation. As a result of the sanction by the
European Union, debit cards no longer function, and I am now
relying on using cash from safes. My situation is complicated
because I am against Putin’s will and that makes me one of his
targets and at the same time being punished by the European Union
due to Putin’s selfish act. The Link below will explain more
about sanctions on billionaires from Russian politics and

The reason for writing this email is simply because I need
professional help to invest my money internationally because I am
politically exposed at the moment and suffer huge political
damage in the hands of my late husband’s political opponent and
as such, I urgently sought for a very credible business person to
partner with on this investment of funds.

Indeed, I can categorically tell you that the money is not of
criminal origin nor of any illicit purpose. These funds
originated from the sales of all my businesses, assets and
properties that were yet to be seized, noticed, or affected by my
late husband’s political enemies or the European Union. It is
just unfortunate that I am going through such horrible situations
now in my life. I should be mourning my husband quietly and
peacefully but the troubles that keep coming from the political
enemies of my husband, demands me to act smart and fast. I had to
put all my emotions aside and focus on protecting what I still
have left, rather than crying over spilled milk.

Being politically exposed at the moment has made me suffer huge
political prosecution from political detractors. The present
administration in Power has confiscated most of my husband’s
assets and wealth for political reasons just to jeopardize his
growing political image and that led to the unexplainable death
of my husband. As such, I decided to sell all the properties and
assets we have left, now that has made me in possession of
90,550,000 United states dollars. After successfully selling all,
I quietly moved to Ivano-Frankivsk, formerly Stanyslaviv, is a
city located in Western Ukraine., here I can keep my head low and
quietly mourn my husband while I calmly and carefully look for a
reliable partner with good business experience and is ready to
dedicate time, effort and resources to work with me to move these
funds to a safe country abroad where it can be managed and
Invested by a sincere and honest proxy investment manager pending
on the outcome of this political tribulation. It is very
important that we act as fast as possible because i am not
certain about how safe here can be for a long time, This is
because there has also being some bombing recently here, by the
same Putin.

However, First do you have any means of identification? Do you
have any existing business or new business idea that is
lucrative? This is because the amount involved is huge and it is
the only resource I have left. I must be very sure of whom I want
to transact this business with, secondly, I made arrangements
through a reputable consulting team to see how I can swiftly move
this money to your country as I have a very reliable contact that
will ship the money to you.
However, this cannot be done without us signing the Non-
circumvention and Non-Disclosure Agreement. This is to ensure
confidentiality and secrecy in the transaction.


If this is alright by you, then we can proceed on the next steps.

However, if you have a whatsapp number we could discuss further
confidential details, so you could understand clearly where I am
coming from.

I await your update and your esteemed positive response

Best regards
Markovych Anastasia Newman

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