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One actually knows very little about the Illuminati, but certainly that they do not have to scam. Now some spirits see themselves as destined to distribute accession forms in “scammer style” and bad language. Provided with diffuse greetings from the secret lodge. One does not want to speak of enlightenment in this context, but rather of systematic obfuscation. But the scam mail is an extraordinary piece of stupidity.

Since the only enlightened world order of the scammer is to make the victim, you, pay, do not reply, do not send into the “circle of enlightenment” any personal documents either. Move the mail to the digital wastepaper basket. That’s all this nonsense is good for.

Greetings, from the illuminati world elite empire. Are you a business Man/woman, politician, musician, student, footballer, salary earner and you want to be rich, need protection, gain knowledge, powerful and be famous in life.

You can achieve your dreams by being a member of the great illuminati empire to earn yourself lot of benefit,

With this all your dreams and heart desire can be fully accomplish.

With this brief summary if you are interested to become a member of the great illuminati then get back to us for more information and explanations about joining the illuminati.

kindly reply us back on our direct recruitment email only at: 

Please note, Kindly make sure all your response are send directly to the email stated above only at:> 

For more instructions on our membership process.

Note: Some email providers incorrectly place official Illuminati messages in their spam / junk folder or promotion folder.

This can divert and exclude our responses to your emails.

The Illuminati.

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