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Enock Nanny and his weired story

Now the Enock nanny is equal to madness. Meanwhile, scammers write the stolen texts equal to the Enock nanny.

They steal them from their coworkers. This indicates that our efforts are having an effect against off-the-peg fairy tales.

We will continue this good work to create normal structures in Africa, not a Mafia-like structure that knows how to earn money with stupid emails.

We are giving special development help.

Therefore: Don’t answer, don’t send any documents, don’t send any money, and move the mail into the digital waste bin.

Dear Sir/Madam,

We received a privileged information from Nigeria Federal Inland

Revenue Office, that Nigerian government is sending letter of

cancellation of your fund domicile at Citi Bank New York because of

your failure to obtain your Non-Resident Clearance Certificate within

the time frame.

We have applied to the ministry on behalf pleading with them to waive

the $520 cost Non-Resident Clearance Certificate till after your funds

get into your bank account so that you can send the fee.

You are urgently required to reconfirm your personal information’s.

Yours faithfully,

Barrister Enock Nanny.

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