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Ottoman Musa and his Scam from Monvoria, Liberia

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Ottoman Mousa with a long stale history that goes back to the 1980s in West Germany, when the first faxes were made, and has been only slightly changed since then.

Back then, it was Nigerian scammers who followed exactly the same guideline that still applies today. When the scammers set out to find a new victim.

They lack brains and substance to present such a story, unfortunately Ottoman Moussa too. Probably the mail comes from Turkey, from one of the many fraud factories that formed in the haze.

Therefore, we advise: do not reply, do not send any documents, no money, simply move the mails into the digital dustbin.


How are you and family?

Sorry for intruding into your privacy. I am Ottoman Musa from Monvoria, Liberia. I would want to discuss  very vital business that will be beneficial to both of us and building genuine business relationship in the future. Kindly get in touch with me.

Waiting for your urgent reply

Thank you
Ottoman Musa


Thank you for your prompt response.

Concerning using an email showing Hong Kong, my domain email is being monitored,
so I had to use my close friend’s email to be able to reach you. There’s
 this vital matter I want to share with you. I was the direct lawyer to Mr.
Abdul Bachir who was a businessman before he died in the Sudan war recently.
Before  Mr. Bachir died, he remarried when he lost his first wife, leaving
him with two children (girls). I have been a part of the family for over
20 years. The new wife is trying hard to harm the girls but I had to help
move them to a safe place here in Sudan.

Here is why i contacted you :

My late client has shared his will amongst them, but the new wife is trying
to take over everything and has hired another attorney as my late client
has no male child from his first wife, but the new wife has just a son.
I really want to help the children, because they are both girls. If you can
assist me, let me know, I will brief you more and then about project matters.

Good day,

Once again, I appreciate your response.

Yes, from my previous message to you,I made it clear that the new wife of Mr.Bachir had hired an attorney against the two children which I will be representing them at the court, which will be on the 23rd of August.

Please, I can ask you for a favour, Can you come in as a business associate of my late client? I will prepare the documents required for it and I will also brief you on the sum involved, and also help in the investment project when everything has been settled.

Kindly let me know.

Thank you
Ottoman Musa

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