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It is yet another attempt to make a cut for the scammers with a big stolen name, this time from Antonio Guterres.

There’s just no truth to it. What is interesting, however, is that the perpetrators in this context are not only stealing the identity of the UN, but also that of the green card organization, and indeed there is a connection between the two groups. It is supposed to be a phone number in Brooklyn, New York.

Therefore, don’t believe anything, don’t reply, don’t send money, move the mail to the digital rubbish bin.


How are you today? I hope all is right with you; Please I advised that you

should read this email message very carefully and urgently get back to me 

immediately to avoid the wrong delivery of your overdue inheritance unpaid ATM CARD fund worth $4.8Million USD presently at our custody United Nation.

Based on the meeting held yesterday with the United Nations Official, US

Embassy Official and IMF officials In collaboration with Office of UK

Government regarding all overdue inheritance payment File of which your name and email ID was listed among the unpaid beneficiary, I writing to inform you that your files appeared on our desk to pay you a partial payment of$4.8 Million US Dollars of your funds for this First quarter of the year.

But we are having misunderstanding because a lady by name Mrs. Delores Olea, from United States of America called our Office on Friday stating that she is your new next of kin that you have given her the power of attorney to claim your unpaid ATM CARD Fund worth of $4.8 Million USD, she clearly informed our Office that you have instructed her to receive the funds on your favor that you are greatly Will which makes it impossible for you to ask all our calls and email to you so far that you cannot work or answer any calls due your presently health condition.

Executive Board of Director Federal Ministry of Finance World are currently

and so confuse about her claim that is why the authority instructed me to

contact you for us to know if she is telling us the truth or not to avoid

delivering of your unpaid fund worth of $4.8 Million USD to unexpected person as we have no clue about this person Mrs. Delores Olea.

She also forwarded below information DETAILS to us for the delivery of your unpaid inheritance Payment worth the total sum of$4.8  Million USD. (Email FULL NAME== Mrs.Delores Olea COUNTRY===USA  ADDRESS====3500 OLD DENTON RD APT 208; CARROLLTON, TEXAS 75007 PHONE NUMBER== (845) 218-1685 ) Kindly check this information and name if we can go ahead and deliver the funds to her info.

After she provided this info to us, she instructed us not to bother or disturbed ourselves by contacting you because you cannot access your email

presently due to your present health condition. We should deliver the funds to her provided information directly because she is now acting on your behalf. If you are still interested in this ATM CARD fund kindly reconfirm your direct information to us urgently to avoid wrong delivery such as okay.

1. Your Full Name:=======

2. Your Telephone No:====

3. Your Country:=========

4. Your Home Address:====

5. Your Nearest airport:==

6. Your passport:=====

We wait to hear from you soon. Don’t keep us waiting for your own good.

Your Sincerely

Mr António Guterres


of the United Nations

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