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The Call Center of Jessa Jane Lungagay- the helpster of Melissa Lonjawon Sereno

Title: Hehe, I have scammed you-hehehe

The behaviour of the gang around Melissa Lonjawon Sereno, who managed to scam a fortune out of a German within a year, is becoming more and more obvious.

Melissa Lonjawon Sereno and Jessa Jane Lungagay, 2023

After that, she became cheeky, apparently Davao-based call centres and their employees around Jessa Jane Lungagay were responsible for the conversation guides in telephone and chat.

She loved to take the money.

The Lungagay literally guarded the conversations during the German’s stay on the Philippines, she filmed everything and is probably also responsible for the pictures, which were taken from the normal TV programme to substantiate the chat content.

Lonjawon Sereno no longer reacts close to her whining with crying and kissing smilies. How she plans to pay back the money is unknown.

It is still important who knows the people in the scammer context.
Who has experienced similar things with the persons mentioned?

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