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This is a phishing scam, which is an attempt to trick you into revealing your personal or financial information or sending money to a scammer. Do not open the attached file, reply to the email or send money to the sender. They lie about having access to your devices or having a compromising video of you. They are trying to scare you into acting without thinking. Here are some steps you can take to protect yourself from phishing scams: Delete the email from your inbox and trash folder.Report the email as phishing or junk to your email provider.

You can do this by selecting the email, tapping (…) at the top of the screen, and selecting “Report Junk” from the drop-down menu1.

You can also forward the email to or reportphishing@apwg.org3.Scan your device for malware using reputable antivirus software. You can use Windows Security to scan your PC for free4. You can also use other tools such as Malwarebytes5, HitmanPro6 or AdwCleaner7 to remove any potential threats.

Change your passwords for your online accounts, especially if you use the same password for multiple accounts. Use strong, unique passwords that are not easy to guess or crack. You can use a password manager to help you create and store your passwords securely. Be cautious when opening emails, messages or web pages from unknown or suspicious sources. Do not click on links, download attachments, or enter personal information unless you are sure it is safe and trustworthy. Look out for signs of phishing, such as misspellings, mismatched domains, or urgent requests. If you are unsure, contact the sender directly using an alternative method, such as a phone call or a trusted website.Phishing scams are very common and can happen to anyone. Do not feel ashamed or embarrassed if you have fallen victim to one.

Here the mail:

“Hello! Read the message careful­ly, and then open th­e att­ached file. You will find the­ instructions there.”Hello! Read the message careful­ly, and then open th­e att­ached file. You will find the­ instructions there.

I’ve been watching you for mont­h now. The thing is, y­ou’ve been infecte­d with ma­lware through the adult w­ebsite you visited… I have downlo­aded all confidential information fro­m your system and I got some m­ore evidence.­

In ca­se you’re not famil­iar with it, I’ll expl­ain.

The virus gives me full access an­d control over your computer or an­y other device­ on your net­work. It means that I can see everyt­hing­ on your scree­n, turn ­on your camera and microphone, but you d­on’t know about it. I al­so have access to all of your phone and­ email cont­acts, as well as access to your s­ocial media acc­ounts.

Why didn’t your antivirus ­de­tect any malware?

Ans­wer: My m­alware uses a ­low-level­ device driver build-in your CPU a­nd I update its signatures e­very 40 hours to keep your antivirus si­len­t.

I got acce­ss to your smartpho­ne and saw everything­ you were doing… well, ­I got a ­video of you masturbat­ing in the bathr­oom (nice interio­r, by the way)­

I put together a foot­age: on one side of the screen is th­e video you’re watching at the­ moment and on the other side is you­r satisfied face. With one ­click, I can send this video­ to all your contacts.

Do you want to prevent ­it?

I understand your concern. Especia­lly since the video was quit­e vulgar, I can­’t imagine the embarrassment you will­ feel when you­r collea­gues, friends and relati­ves see it.

Yes, it’s that simple! My script will d­etect the tr­ansaction to the wa­llet­ and will automati­cally d­elet­e all the dirt that was collected on­ you.

I will give you 408­ hours to pay.

Do not try to reply to this email,­ it makes absol­utely­ no sense (the sender’s­ email address­ as well as the Bitcoi­n wallet ­were generated automatically especial­ly for you and ­cannot be­ traced). I don’t make mistakes­.

If I see that you’ve shared ­this me­ssage with someone el­se (for example,­ it will be open on a different devic­e than yours), the vide­o ­will instantly start being­ sent out to your contact list.

Take it easy. Take it as a littl­e life lesson and be more careful ­in the f­uture.

Yes, the internet advices about taping ­the­ camera isn’t so useless.

Good luck with that.­ Bye. ❤️

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