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A variation on the airport scam we have seen for many years. A provincial airport, the employee’s identity stolen and the scam is done.Mysterious boxes, suitcases and other containers full of money. An absolute nonsense.

Do not answer, do not send your documents, the perpetrators would use them for other crimes. Do not send money, it would be lost. Remove the mail to the trash where it belongs.


First I would like to explain in detail, All issues relating to the project, I am Timothy Henkinson, a Security personnel at the Raleigh-Durham International Airport, North Carolina, USA. During a recent routine check at all Security/Storage Units at the airport, a discovery was made about an abandoned shipment with no name coming from Belgium, which was on Transit to Panama but was intercepted by the Raleigh-Durham International Airport Security: for lack of proper clearance papers as the consignment was scanned and seen to be containing cash and other valuable, between US$35.5Million US Dollars in estimation that was not properly declared to the authorities. Since the tags on the consignment showed the item contains personal belongings/ family treasures, which is not in regulations to the delivery requirements by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

However, be informed that the reason I have taken it upon myself as a Security personnel, at the Raleigh-Durham International Airport to contact you personally about this abandoned shipment, is because I would not want to lose opportunity since the box has not yet been returned to the United states Treasury Department for further inspection after being abandoned by the shipper.

So immediately the confirmation is made, I will go ahead with all negotiations with the airport authorities for the release of the consignment box to you as the legal owner of the box will give you update and prepare some legal paper that will back you as the real owner of the box, then I be able to arrange for the delivery to your city with a private courier company.

Also I need us to invest the funds in a profitable business. I would like to involve you in this investment project because we anticipate that you should have a high level of professional credentials and appropriate investment managerial experience to qualify for this position. We look forward to a long-term consistent performance with a high point of investing in sectors that will yield great turn-around profits.

I request that you kindly forward a summary of your company’s activities or any company that you are related to and its previous involvement in handling huge investments and the areas in details, where you intend to invest funds once we are able to get it claim and deliver it to you, lastly to enable me confirm if you are ready to do business with me so that we can continue with next step which is preparing a legal paper work with your name as the rightful owner of the consignment box

so that it can be released and delivered to you like I said before by a private courier company. For confidentiality purposes, contact me through my private email for quick processing and response to you.

Please reply to my private email:

Timothy Henkinson
Security/Inspection Manager
Raleigh-Durham International Airport
2400 John Brantley Blvd, Morris-ville, NC 27560, United States

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