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REACH HER FOR YOUR MONEY NOW !!! (Well, the scammers reach out for your money now)

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Sure Gilbert Williams Frost was in Washington. May be with his finger pointing on the map.

This mail is a complete hoax, don’t fall for it. Just don’t answer, send it to the bin. 

Dear Friend,


I am Mr. (Gilbert Williams Frost) . I am a US citizen, 66 years
Old. I reside here in Centreville Virginia U.S.A. My residential
address is as follows.14852 Rock Landing Court Centreville Virginia 20121 United States and
my email address is ( and my telephone
number is +1(720)599-5329 you can call me or send me a  text message and i will respond
back to you.


I am one of those that fall victims to scammers in Africa two
years ago. I have lost over US$100,000.00 for the past years
while in the USA. I was trying to get my payment all to no avail. And they always stopped my funds
with one reason or the order. So I decided to travel with my Son
to WASHINGTON D.C with all documents, there the (FBI) was amazed and contacted the Nigeria
embassy in the USA. After some hours in that office, I was asked
by the FBI officer to come back the next week.



When I did the FBI officer gave me the contact of one Mrs. Maria
who is a representative of the (FBI) and a member of
the compensation award committee, currently in Nigeria. And when I contacted her she
explained everything to me. She said whoever is contacting us
through emails are fake that I should fly down to Nigeria to see things for myself which I did
and she took me to the paying bank for the claim of my
compensation payment.


This was paid to me successfully. Right now I am the happiest man
on earth because I have finally received my compensation funds of


Moreover, Mrs. Maria Farnandez showed me the full Information of
those that are yet to receive their compensation funds and this
was how I came across only your email address and your full name.


The only Money I paid after I meet with Mrs. Maria Farnandez was
just $550.00 (Five Hundred & Fifty Dollars) for the ownership
paper works. So I am advising you to contact Mrs. Maria Farnandez through her email address
( for your own money including the money
you please take it very serious.



Please contact her and send your telephone number and your
residential address to her so that she can release your own money
to you.


Thank you & God bless you.


Mr.gilbert williams frost .
14852 Rock Landing Court, Centreville
Virginia 20121 United States

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