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Compensation Scam Featured

Scammers all mixed up

Everyone knows that these connections do not exist, or cannot exist, neither the money nor the entire connections via the oh-so-benevolent authorities....
Compensation Scam

World Scam Assisted Programme

It is a wild story and a murky mishmash of authorities and organisations. We almost fainted from reading it....
Fake FBI Nigeria Scam

The Federal Bureau of Scammer Investigation

This time again by the Nigerian faction of agents who see to it that the money is distributed to their victims....
ATM Scam Featured Government Scam

New Scammer Program -PAYMENT OF US$25,000.000.00USD FROM F.B.I.

Of course, this is another hoax. Someone wants money, in this case 650 US$ - for nothing....
UN Scam Compensation Scam Impersonator Scam

UN Fake-Antonio again

Last week, the phone number stood out in connection with a Nigerian suitcase inventor....

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