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Scammers’ Evergreen

Scammers Evergreen
This is the newest one
Probably they are beginners who send this mail from Benin. The phone number can be fake and the email address is not very cleverly chosen. But it is an evergreen, especially in Corona times, to rip off Europeans. The parcel from Benin has to be paid, the lawyer who has to handle all the papers. If you deal with scammers from Africa, you will always come across this specific mail in different amounts and constellations, which is supposed to cost 20US$ for scammer stories “at the bazaar”. The addresses and passport numbers that the scammers collect from the answers are sold for expensive money. 50 US$ is the least per name and set. The culprits use it for other crimes such as Human trafficking and drug smuggling.
So, don’t answer and move the scammers’ fairy tale right into the digital dustbin.
Here the original text of the bunch: 
ATTN: BENEFICIARY Amount: US$ 17,500,000:00
I hope that you are hale and hearty,How are you today, Compliment of the week .
This is about your Compensation/Entitlement I have been working tirelessly to get your transaction through but due to the British taxation system and Monetary Policy Committee new rules.
It is About your total Funds $17.5 Million Dollars .It seems we need more money to complete this transaction to release your compensation fund into your bank account.Regarding to this I have decided to take a bold step to get him as a financier and talk with him about , I wish you could send me a reply call me immediately in regards to this proposal, your urgent reply will be highly appreciated. I Wait to receive your acceptable reply as soon as you read this letter.
Forward your information as below
(1)Full Name:…………………….
(2)Home Address:……………….
(3)Mobile (Cell) Phone Number:……….
(4)Country/State Of Origin: …………….
(5)Age: …………
(6)Occupation: ……………..
(7)Bank Name………………..
(8)Copy of Your ID …..
I want to hear from your right away.
Mr.Wally Shaw
The Management Team
+229 9921 3223
Treasury Secure Vault,Fund Deposits Clearance & Review

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