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Corona or Covid19 Scam

Coronavirus (Covid19) Bailout Fund

Paris Club/World Bank Scam@rohane via Twenty20

Scammers who delight in trawling the social networks to find people with Covid-19 are the last thing on the planet.

They take corona patients to make them believe that they will receive money from the Paris Club and the World Bank. For their disease. Against the payment of a fee for a fake lawyer, of course. Neither Odile Renaud-Basso nor any of the organizations mentioned have anything to do with the scammers, who presumably come from Ghana or Nigeria. Move the mail to the digital dustbin, do not reply, never send personal documents such as doctors’ letters or the like.

Hello dear,

Donation! from Paris Club/World Bank, for (Covid19) Palliatives,

This is to inform you that the Paris Club Organization in collaboration
with World Bank have donated the sum of: $2,200,000.00 (Two million two
hundred thousand United States dollar) only, to assist in treatment and
in prevention of the Coronavirus (Covid19) epidemic,And to help fight
the war against  Coronavirus (Covid19) for your community.

Be advised: that this is an opportunity to eradicate poverty in the
society, We are helping the Semi Retire Retired, Old, Young, Disable,
and less privileged concerning this Coronavirus (Covid19) epidemic
rampaging the entire world.

Kindly reply for more details on how to claim

Odile Renaud-Basso
Treasury Managing Director
Head of the Paris Club International
European Union/United Kingdom
Direct line:+44-703-196-9071.

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