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Good morning Mr Flower

Joe Flowers Scam Photo @ klovestorun via Twenty20

Joe probably got up on the wrong side of the bed, but his lines show that he can’t be in his right mind otherwise either. Now a global fund is already being created to compensate for whatever.

It is too stupid and is one of the moronic attempts from Ghana or Nigeria to take people for fools. Our money is on Nigeria.
Don’t reply, don’t send personal documents, put the mail in the digital bin.
Good night Mr Flowers – “Your Pin Code Is Ready.”

Here is the stupid mail:

Good morning,

                                            Reference number: CHR /20/CoV/20 UPY2
    This is to notify you again that your Email Address has been officially selected to receive a financial Grant-Compensation amount of US$850,000.00 from  the ongoing Global  Compensation Fund.  For guidelines and to immediately receive your US$850,000.00, kindly contact our Legal and Payment Director, Mr. Joe Flower today by email  with the following information’s as stated below:

Name: Mr. Joe Flowers

       PLEASE NOTE: All correspondence to Mr.Joe Flowers, should have the above stated reference number: CHR /20/CoV/20 UPY2  including your current mailing address/phone/Means of Identification sent along for prompt attention.

Yours sincerely,


International Finance Corporation –
World Bank Group | Human Resource Dept.

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