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Mr. Kong ‘s Gold Mining

Mr. Kong 's Gold Mining Scam


Scam from Cambodia-written as by the Communist Party

Mr. Kong Kea and his fake ID is a disgrace to Cambodia.

He pulls out the register of the inheritance history.A variation of many stories, which seems to be badly copied from Nigeria. Of course, there is no such thing as the unknown scribbler, the money or the story of the accident.

Kong Kea seems ridiculous, and like a bloody beginner. Don’t answer, don’t send any documents, no money, no message. It’s all about gathering information. With this information, other crimes would be committed later. Straight into the digital bin.



My name is Mr. Kong Kea, an accountant in our branch office here. A deceased client of mine, business man and also own a gold Mining Company/sales, who bears the same name as yours, died along with his family many years ago without a WILL or next of kin.

He had a fixed deposit valued at the sum huge of money left behind before he met his end. I contacted you so that I can present you as my late client next of kin, so that the money can be transferred to your account, and we will share the funds equally, 50/50% to both parties.

Mr. Kong


Dear ,

Thank you for your prompt response. I shall be glad if you can continue to respond as you did so that we can beat the deadline given to us by our Bank here in Cambodia.

Since the death of my client, none of his relative family is alive to claim his deposit of US$10,500,000.00 Million in our bank. I decided to contact you since you have the name him and with your cooperation, I can present you at the bank with the legal documents as the relative next of kin so that bank will release and transfer this funds to you. I have put a research on grand till date and the amount has been here since years without anybody coming for it.

I decided to step it down under open beneficiary to make sure it does not appears in the system each year and knowing well what my intention is, I decided not to declare it each year I want to present annual reports to the bank management until I decided to make this decision now between us.

If I present this money to the bank management they will make use of it as unclaimed funds which our bank has been beneficiary of huge sums of money I presents to them as unclaimed funds each year. I don’t have promotion, gift or even thank you from the management. This made me to keep this for my personal intention like this now.

I placed search who will be of the same name with  to enable me have 100% access in the process to input your name as next of kin. This will enhance the perfection for easy transferring the money into your bank account you will provide. I must surely visit your country during the disbursement of the percentage as I don’t indicated in my previous mail, for the sharing ratios, 50% of the total amount is for you, and 50% is for  me.

When the money is out I will immediately destroyed the hard drive and clean up everything in the system to prevent any body to know that such happen, even in 200 years to come nobody will know what both of us did.

All I require from you is your maximum cooperation with me in this transaction. Meanwhile I will need you to confirm your  information below so that it will enable me  to file your name  at the bank officially as the relative next of kin to receive the money, then the bank will recognize you well and act quickly on the approval of this fund on your name and  for immediate transfer.
Full name:
Mobile Telephone

You will follow my instructions be honest and sincere and assure me that you are not going to betray the confidence I repose in you by sitting on the money alone when it finally arrives into your account since you are on the receiving side. On the receipt of your next mail with your information as I required indicating your sincere willingness to work with me, I will immediately program your name in the bank as a cousin/ next of kin to our late customer with your information you will provide.

I want to assure you that everything patterning the transaction is legitimate and 100% real.If my condition is good to you give me an email that shows that you are willing to help out but if not please do not bother to mail me,once i do not see anything in my email box I will assumed that you are not serious and I will start afresh to search for a person that will help me .Please do not think my mail is hash but I have to be vivid to you so that you will know my stand.

I will be here to back you up till we finish the transaction for our mutual sharing.

Enclosed with copy of my ID for your perusal.

I expect to read from you soonest.

Have a pleasant day.

Yours sincerely
Mr. Kong
Please Reply here:
My telephone number is: Call me +85568586961″


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