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LAST & FINAL WARNING NOTICE!!! Another bites the dust

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Scammer warns of scammers

Again, the old trick with the same last name and the incredible inheritance of an otherwise unknown deceased person. The victim is said to be in luck.

A time from 2016 it was common in scammer circles that employees of petrol companies came to death in droves. Now it is a great unknown, which of course is complete nonsense. The subtle reference to the COVID-19 crisis is completely pulled out of the air. It’s to add a little drama to what was written.
Therefore, do not write back, do not send any documents, do not under any circumstances pay any purported legal fees. The lawyer is sitting somewhere in Africa, probably in Ghana.


I am largely aware of the very high and alarming rate of fraud
going on around the whole world and a message like this will
definitely bring up thoughts into the mind of anybody about the
veracity of the information below and knowing that I just located
you and we haven’t really met each other before now.

I am contacting you because you share the same last name with a
deceased client of mine who died with his family a few years ago.
He left behind a lot of bank deposits with no will to mention a
next of kin and I have sold a few of his properties which
deposits have been made into his account here in London. As his
recognized attorney, his bank has issued me a notice to provide
his next-of-kin within a short time.

Please get back to me ASAP as I want to know if you are in anyway
related to my late client. Please stay safe and protect yourself
from this corona virus plague.

Best regards,

Bar.Anthony Bartels

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