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JFK New York Scammers fly by

Scammers Fly-by

Terrible story, which is not improved by telling it over and over again.

This story has been going around the web since 2008.

A head supervisor finds US $ by chance during an audit of the course, which was initiated by the UN.

The problem is, the writer doesn’t know his way around New York. He can’t even lure an old dog out from behind the stove with this. Suddenly, when he is asked when the gentleman wants to fly in, the contact breaks off.

After three days he gets in touch again and does not try to answer the questions.

At best forgotten, or who wants a scammer in their home?

Into the digital dustbin with the letter. Do not answer, do not give out any data. 



Complete and  terrible  fake, 2021

Scammer at home in curfew- Here is the explanation for a crazy offer:

This is to acknowledge the receipt of your message. Sorry for my late reply, I was only putting and perfect things to make sure every loose end are tied to avoid any silly mistake that might implicate us.

Like I told you in my first mail, I am Howard Woods, Director Inspection Unit with finCEN, Financial Crime Enforcement Network at JFK International Airport New York, We move from one Airport to the other for inspections.

I am an African American. We are here for the Inspections of abandon and intercepted Consignments/ luggage under United Nations/finCEN Control, in my course of duty I discovered consignment package with Registered Numbers: UN/UK/GVN012035875/16 containing Cash in US Dollars with your name tagged on it. All I need from you is your full assurance on my share of the fund because as soon as I finish with the arrangement, I will be flying to your nearest airport with the Consignment Box by myself to avoid any hindrance on transit till I get to you for delivery and sharing of the funds as agreed.

A lot of attempt has been made to divert the box by some impostors but nobody has any legal right to have possession of the box except you, because all the legal document must be sign by you and return to the Customs and Border Protection  Authority indicating that the boxes has been delivered to the rightful owner, all the legal documents are attached to the box, which made it possible and easy to pass any Airport without hitch, because it is impossible for the authority in any Airport to scan it.

You can call me on this Cell Number (+18452716829) Please all our communication on phone should be brief because I don’t want any member of my team or the Authority to suspect me, as you know that I am still in active service. Though, I know that we don’t supposed to do this, we supposed to declare the content of the boxes officially to the Authority and return the money to The U.S Department of Treasury. But due to my financial situation now, I have no other option than to do it to save my future and the future of my family.

I cannot make the trip today because I will need to visit 3 Offices to present your documents for approval to avoid any mistake, Once again, you have to reconfirm, Full Name, Full Delivery Address, Telephone Number, Occupation, the name of nearest airport to you, where I will land with the box, and a written guarantee of my share of the total fund in the box upon my arrival, because I was told that the Non Inspection will cost me about $3,500 and I have already made the money available to avoid any delay.

I will commence the legal process and payment of Non Inspection Fees for the release of the box hopefully, I will finalize every arrangement before 10 AM Tomorrow, have full possession of the box and board a flight with the box to meet with you at your airport or your address for delivery, Please, I don’t want to deal with any other person or party on this transaction because I have to protect my legitimate service with finCEN.

As soon as I conclude all arrangement by Tomorrow, I will send my flight schedule before my departure.

Attached is a copy of my ID card for identification purposes only.

My Telephone Is +18452716829

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