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Terminal Ill Scam

Mystery Money from Mrs Luisa and an Ethiopian Air crash

India Scam

When scammer madness knows no bounds.

This exhibit of bad scams probably comes from India.

Neither the fund nor the terminally ill person exists.

Bad English and an almost insane variation of the story of the terminally ill person apparently promise the perpetrators high profits at the moment.

Through the Corona Crisis. The perpetrators love this profitable event.

The story itself is transparent, badly knitted, and cannot convince a dullard to pay.

Get rid of it straight away, in the digital dust bin.  It’s like a mad fairground.
Do not answer or give personal details to the perpetrators.
Brink has got nothing  to do with it, It is just identity theft.


I am Maria Luisa, the wife of Paolo Dieci who founded the Italian NGO International Committee for the Development of peoples who died untimely in an Ethiopian Air crash of the month march 2019. You can view this web site for your perusal to find the name of my late husband , I am in pain and currently devastated .
We are hospitable people and decided to serve mankind to the best of our ability. Prior to the death of my husband Dieci,
I have been diagnosed with cancer ,I am living in pains and fighting effortlessly to live a normal life but all to no avail. I write to you, having sourced your address from an online charity email database. However before the death of my husband
My family had a joint account and deposited the sum of $45,000,000 with a security firm in the USA.
The purpose of this email is to propose an investment plan to you using the funds with the security company in the USA.
Regardless of where you are, in or outside the states, I will be willing to support your business on the basis that thirty percent of your turnover from my capital given to you would be used for charity donations.
This is absolutely risk free .
I am doing this because I have less than 6 months to live as a human I therefore need a reliable fellow to champion my course by receiving this funds, investing it in private business and donating thirty percent of profit generated to the less privilege or if you are not into any business,
you can receive the funds as my next of kin and assist me in distributing it to the less privilege but you must be honest ,do not bother responding if you are not honest or sincere.
If you are interested,please send a reply for further details
Kinds Regards and stay safe
Mrs Maria Luisa

Heavy load

My Dear ,

My heart is satisfied with you receiving this fund. I cannot trust anyone further except you. I am very much convinced of what you can do .Thank you very very much for being here for me .

This is what you need to do now to enable you receive the funds on my behalf from the Bank. First of all ,thanks for your confident response in receiving this fund and using it for the said purpose. I would like you to contact the Bank where this fund is deposited, and contact them by sending them an email, I have notified them today of your contact to them.

For security measures to avoid fraudsters/scammers intruding in this ,they gave me the information below to give to you,which you will include in the email you will send to them.

Secret Question: What Year

Charity Answer: Maria Luisa

Amount.           45’000’000.00 USD

Security Code:2016

The information’s above is what you need to send to them and they will write you back telling you on what to do to receive the funds.

You can as well include your phone number just in-case they want to call you.

Below is their contact information

Name of Company. Brinks Security Company

Name of Director of Fund Transfer Unit.  Mr  Pertz Douglas . (CEO)


Phone number +1 917 409 4738

My Dear please email the Security Company and get back to me My dear my trust is on you and I know that you will not disappoint me ,always pray for me .

Best Regards

Mrs Maria Luisa

Too much money – scammers pass away

My Dear

Please contact the Security Company to enable you to receive my fund before I pass away .

Below is their contact information

Name of Company. Brinks Security Company

Name of Director of Fund Transfer Unit.  Mr  Pertz Douglas . (CEO)


Phone number +1 917 409 4738

My Dear please email the Security Company and get back to me My dear my trust is on you and I know that you will not disappoint me ,always pray for me .

Best Regards

Mrs Maria Luisa

Two minutes later from India

Nice smile but false,2021


Address.PO BOX 18100 1801 Bayberry Court Richmond,VA 23226-8100, United States.

Tel/Fax (+1) 703-542-3499

(+1) 703-542-4399

Attention    : 

I am Mr Douglas Pertz ,the officer in charge of the fund release to you, I got the information which you have sent to me on behalf of  Maria Luisa  for the release of the fund into your .I would like you to send me the information requested below to enable us commence the processing of releasing the funds to you immediately.

Email me the details below for proceeding.







Cell Phone Number

Copy of Identification

Please send me the details above for proceeding and we will get back to you as regards to the release of the funds to you as the new beneficiary owner and the next of kin to Maria Luisa , and am anticipating your honorable response. Note that all information provided above by you will be kept confidential and used only for the transfer purposes. 


 Douglas Pertz

Your sick sister – indeed

My Dear 

I am trusting you please let me know once you conclude with Mr Douglas Pertz. Please work with him to enable you to receive my funds before I pass away. Continue to pray for me and stay blessed 

Yours sick sister 

Mrs Luisa 

Congratulations – 800 US$ processing fee


Address.PO BOX 18100 1801 Bayberry Court Richmond,VA 23226-8100, United States.

Tel/Fax (+1) 703-542-4399


From Mr. Douglas Pertz 


Attention. Sir

This is notified you that your information has been received and acknowledged about receiving the funds which belongs to (Mrs.  Maria Luisa   ) we wish to inform you that you have been made her next of kin and this next of kinship would permit you to receive the funds after filling the form which is attached to this email, which will now entitle you to be the new beneficiary owner of the funds in our custody.

You are advised to print out the form, after printing it out you fill it, after filling it you scan it and send it back to us through email with your valid international passport or driving license attached. On the form, there is a processing fee of $800 requested on the form, which should be sent with the information below,

Receivers Name.       Anne Ogbuehi

Address.                   Los Angeles Ca. United States

Amount .                    $800 

After sending the money through money gram, you email me the MTCN number of the money gram of money sent. This fee you are sending is for the processing and changing of the names from Mrs.  Maria Luisa to (   ).

Congratulationonce more (  ) agrees urgently to enable us to release the fund to your bank account, your compliance is needed immediately, I have also attached my international passport and identity card for your own verification and information to prove to you that this is legitimate. I look forward to receiving your compliance to enable us to release the funds to you within 24 hours.


 Mr. Douglas Pertz 

cc. Michael Ramsey

After we asked to deduct- Mr. Pertz wrote: 

No amount can be deducted from the total sum. The funds is in fixed deposit.

Mr Pertz applied a little more pressure for his kind of deal five minutes later :


Please fill the form and comply to enable us release the fund to you without delay. 

Secondly confirm to me when you will be sending the fee to enable us serve you better.

Note. Don’t disclose this transaction to anyone for security reasons and it might raise an eyebrow to avoid disqualification of your application with us.

Please cooperate with us to enable you receive your inheritance funds without delay or hitches.


Douglas Pertz 

Another mail arrived shortly afterwards:


I guessed you’re not interested to receive the funds, I may terminate your application with us and informed Mrs Luisa to look for someone ready to do the needful. Fill the form and return it with processing fee of $800 to enable us complete the processing regarding the release of the fund to you.

Get back to me for payment information ASAP.

Mrs Anne traveled for an official assignment.

You have today to conclude with us otherwise you will have yourself to be blamed.

Don’t lose this great opportunity. This is my candid advice to you .

I didn’t understand your email content. Please be serious about this matter before we terminate your application with us

Dying sister Louisa wrote seconds later her crazy message: 

My Dear 

What is really going on?, have you concluded with Mr Douglas Pertz?.

I need an urgent update from you .  I am getting worried and nervous. Please reply to me please .

Yours dying sister

Mrs Luisa

Rapid for a dying lady:

My Dear 

The funds is in fixed deposit, he can’t deduct $800 from principal amount. It’s impossible, please try and send the required fee to him so that my fund will be release to you as my next of kin unless you’re not willing to receive my fund then I will look for someone reliable and ready to work with Douglas Pertz.

I am still trusting you don’t fail me please. 

Send the required fee to him please.

I will forward you the information to make the payment through our affiliate agent in Turkey.

I think that would be easy for you .

Your dying sister 

Mrs Luisa 

Another half an hour later., Louisa is still alive, shame:

My Dear

Please cooperate with Douglas Pertz to enable you receive my funds before I pass away. Please don’t get anyone involved or disclose it .

People have failed me in the past as a result of not keeping secret and they made away with my fund but I know you are different .

I am trusting you and your family don’t betray my trust in you . Don’t tell anyone about this matter until you received my fund because human hearts are filled with evil .

Stay blessed .

Mrs Luisa

Total counterfeit,2021

My Dear

Here is my passport , please can I see yours at least to know who is helping me carry out my charity project .

I wait to read from you soonest .

Now  Douglas Pertz comes in again: 


Please proceed to western union now and Use the information below to send the processing fee through Western Union .

First name : Gulay

Surname: Kiyici

City: Istanbul


Post code: 34000

Amount. $800

Email me the payment slip after sending the money today .

Congratulations in advance

Douglas Pertz

Full of greed to get the money

My Dear 

What’s really going on, have you concluded with Mr Douglas Pertz?. I need an urgent update from you please. Your silence is making me worried and nervous.


Mrs Luisa

The scammer’s second self writes


Have you made the payment? Please update me with payment information to enable us release the fund to you. Fill the form and return.

Douglas again:

Okay , i will forward you our bank account details to our corresponding bank in Turkey to make the wie transfer .

I will get back to you with the payment information soonest .

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