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The phone number has already been sold with FIFA profits, with other so-called compensations. The phone number is South African, but could have been used anywhere in Africa. At that time the perpetrator group called itself  Susan Shabangu.  Impersonating a famous politician in South Africa.

None of the story is true, at best, and there is a risk of this, it is money laundering. But it is more likely to be the procurement of identities. This could be used to blackmail the perpetrators, launder money or even smuggle people.

Hands off, put the email in the digital dustbin. Never reply, never give out your passport or identity card.

My Dear

Thank you  for  your  kind email

I  will  need  your  help  to  move  my late  husband’s money  out  of  South African   into  your  account  .

I would  like  to  know  if  it  will  be  possible   for  you  to  come  down  to  South Africa  .  so  that  you  will  be  here   before  the  transfer  to your account

please  kindly  let  me  know  so  that  i  can  give  you  more  details  before  your  arrival


Ms Zulu

My Dear:

Thanks for your mail, I acknowledge the receipt of your e-mail message you sent to me. I am very happy for the assistance you are going to render to me in this transaction. Only the Almighty GOD will guide you in your efforts. Well this transaction is 100%risk free and legit will favor me and you if we work hand to hand.

My Dear, can you please forward to me a copy of your passport. All I need from you is sincerity, honesty and your Business knowledge for us to transfer my money, which you will be compensated for .

Moreover, before I will inform you on what to do, you have to give me a strong assurance that this money will be safe when transferred into your personal account in your country. As you know that this money is my future including my family and I don’t want anybody to  play or toy with it,
that is why I am looking for a good person  who will not betray me and my family in this transaction.

First of all, I will be very happy if you inform me of your capability  in this transaction.

And I would love you to inform me what type of business you are  doing in your country to enable me to know where this money will be. Meanwhile, I would love to know more details about you because I don’t want somebody who will not be sincere to me but I strongly believe that you will never betray me in this transaction.

(2) I will be very happy if you inform me about all these questions that I asked you to enable me to inform you what to do next.  And all the necessary documents that back up this transaction are intact with me and before I will release them to you I have to be sure that you will assist me in this transaction.

if only you are  capable to assist me in this transaction.kindly reply this mail as  soon as possible to enable me to explain more about  the smoothness of this transaction. And please send me your persona!   Phone and fax number to me for easy communication in this transaction .you can contact me on my direct line +27-73-934-00-67

Waiting to hear from you
thanks and God bless

Best regards


My Dear :

Thank you for your Kind email

I know you will be skeptical to reply to my email based on what is happening in the internet world today. One has to be very careful as scam has taken over the internet today to defraud innocent citizens, this has made it very difficult for people to believe anything that comes through the internet.

I got your contact from your Email domain hence the desire to contact you is for a partner with me. If you are honest and can be  trusted, I think we can work together on this project.i  will  need  your help  to  transfer  my  late  husband money  out  of  south Africa  to  any  Account  of  your Choice  in the World

You can view my profile at my (website by clicking ( ) and read about me

My Dear  i need  your  help

Thank you



Around a month later Ms. Zulu wrote again

My Dear.

How are you today and your family?

I wish  to inform you that I  have been  able  to transfer  my  money
to  Zurich in Switzerland  Through the help of one Mr. Jack Robertson
He is a Very Good Man

Well  I just  write  to inform  you  that  I left  behind  US$100,000
for  you  with my  former Banker  in South Africa  . it’s just  that  I
cannot  forget  how  you are  the  very  first  Person  I contacted
to help  me  and till today  .  I still don’t know what went wrong.

Any way  I have  forgotten  about  the past  and  all I am  doing  now
is to  make  sure I invest properly  my money  .  reply  me  now  and
I will  give  you  the  contact  details of  my  former banker for
you  to contact him and  he will  transfer  the  Us$ 100,000 to  you

Best Regard

Ms.Lindiwe Zulu 


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