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Fake FBI Director Wray

FBI FAKE, Christopher Wray

Fake FBI Director Wray  – if this scammer is FBI director we know why Trump is not in prison

Christopher Wray is usually the FBI director, hard enough with Trump.

Now someone has borrowed his name for a wild story. He is harming people all over the world with it.

Probably a Nigerian, his English is bad, nasty, catastrophic.

By his admission, the FBI director does not know the currency in Germany. But Euros, he wants to earn them quickly. The Fake Wray is a human scum because he takes advantage of the Corona crisis. A gum shoe.
He is the last clown without sense or reason.
The real Wray, of course, has nothing to do with it.
Right when the mail comes in the electronic bin, don’t reply, don’t give out personal details. Should the Wray contact you again, it is best to call one of the embassies worldwide. Forward the mail to these people.

A crazy story from a fake FBI: 

You are one of the lucky beneficiary of funds from the United Nation and world bank, kindly forward your full names of address where this Fund will be delivered to you without any delay.CONGRATULATIONS

This Fund is due for delivery and am writing you because is my duty to ensure you receive this Fund successfully without any delay,am talking about your $10.5 million USD fund from United nation and world bank

Forward your full name and address and indicate how you want to receive this Fund,we






WESTERN UNION.indicate immediately with your full name and home address clearly stateded

Another mail:

Your country is making use of Euro right?

Very good, you have to convert $10.5 million dollars and tell me how much it is in Euro,so we can deliver it in Euro

The Bill: 

ATM DELIVERY will cost you on $1500 Which is1,242.65 Euro, that is the only thing holding this delivery

Can you pay through Account or bitcoin, which one will be easier for you?

On Wednesday you said?, Remember that is the only thing holding this delivery Okay

Are you there,we have other people to attend, respond let’s get this done

I will send it any moment from now, once you make the payment, forward the slip here

Name: E. R.

IBAN: BE60 9740 7305 6470


Bank name:monese

Bank address:

Monese Ltd

1 King Stree EC2V 8AU

20357 hamburger Germany, send the slip once the payment is made

Twenty Minutes later: 

Look if you are willing to receive this Fund without issues and accumulating other states fee, kindly do your payment on the account provided to you,the payment is to clear the fund and also for the delivery

Remember, that fee is the only thing this delivery, once is paid, this funds will be delivered to the address you provided

Look,in my department we have different account for payment,I can easily send you another one,the only thing holding this delivery is the fee attached to it, you are one of the 50 lucky beneficiary to receive funds this January

Over night the wrong Wray wrote to secure his deal:

Why are you trying to implicate yourself instead of to receive your funds?

Are you there,I don’t understand what you are saying, what is wrong with you?

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