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Delivery to El-Sheik Street, Tripoli

El Sheik Street Scam, Photo by Mohamed Sadiq on Unsplash

It doesn’t get any stupider than this. A very clumsy method to sell licences that don’t actually exist. The licence to deliver to the desert costs money.
That’s why the perpetrators like to have a colourful catalogue of all products to set the price for their licence. The trick is old and particularly stupid because everyone sees through it.
What is reassuring about this email is that this time Gaddafi has not risen from the dead and is hiding in a tent with some Bedouins. It’s a bad story, so put it in the bin, don’t reply, don’t send any data.

Greetings from the State of Libya. 

Thank you for your email response,

My Inquiry is from Libya. The State of Libya Government are interested in buying your product or services from your esteemed organization for the Libya Development Program LDP. The Libya Development Program is an initiative organized to aid the development of Libya as an economic force, improve the country socially and benefit its people as they establish themselves as part of the international community. As part of the Development Program network, it aims to promote the role of business in Libya and enable the necessary transfer of technology from the international community into Libya. Kindly arrange to send us, by e-mail attachment, more information on all products as supplied by you at your earliest, including shipping schedule to the Benghazi – Libya Port, Free Trade Port for our reference to the Libya Development Program LDP. I need you to inform me if you are the managing director / CEO of your company, before we can commence contract procedures with State Of Libya government, if it is in your jurisdiction, then kindly respond and send presentational information on your specialty and working terms for immediate evaluation. I will reveal more procedural information to you upon your confirmation. Looking forward to an early response, Thank you for your attention.


Joint Contracting Command Board.

El-Sheikh St,

Alnofliyen Tripoli _ LIBYA

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