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Sly sneaker

This “lady” was finally blocked from twitter today. Once again an example for “Doctors without Borders”. The scammers like that. The typical way a scammer sneaks up on you. It’s all about the social networks, which can now safely be called a minefield.

Thousands of scammers try their luck every day. Don’t reply, block the scammers and report the accounts in question to the platform, wherever it occurs.

Doctors without Borders have nothing to do with people like this. It is identity theft.

Private messages via twitter

Hi! How are you ? Nice to meet you and see more, My name is Victorine: May I know where you live and how old are you?

I live in France in the city of Nantes, I am 35 years old divorced, I live with my daughter of 7 years soon 8 years, I am in a course of medicine without borders, but on Saturday and Sunday I will decorate the knowledge centers. Can I know what you do for a living and so do I live alone or with your family?

Know that it is with a real pleasure to exchange with you, because I tell myself that it is maybe you, the person, the nice, caring, and very affectionate man that I am looking for in order to found a real Foyer in t ‘writing this message, I have a feeling that we could achieve something as long as we had the same tastes and that we are each looking for a soul mate on their own. This is the reason why I decided to find my soul mate on the Internet. Maybe there is a considerable distance between us, but blah I think that if we succeed in imposing a real relationship between us it could bear fruit because I admit that by looking at your profile for the first time, at the same time my hands threw themselves on the keyboard to write something for you.

I am learning my medical internship here in France.

I am learning my medical internship here in France.10:39 vorm.Tell me what you like about life?

I am learning my medical internship here in France.

Me, I love life itself, reading, sport, nature, traveling, I also love Africa, know that I am very happy to know you to talk to a man like you because I find you very nice I want to win your friendship  to see more

Have you already met other people on the site and on the net?

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