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Dr Sarah Moses Jabar ScamExample from Greece Photo by Julie Ricard on Unsplash

It seems to be fashionable during Corona time to tell heartbreaking stories from refugee camps. Rich wife or daughter stuck in a refugee camp. Or something like that, part of it is done with stolen Syrian passports or with the passports of dead people from Syria.

Scammers from India or Pakistan are hiding behind them.

Of course, nothing about the fairy tales is true. Scammer are always google email addresses, always a financial advisor or a bank is brought into the play, which then wants to collect money. After that, nothing more is heard from the perpetrators.

Put the email in the virtual bin, do not reply and never send your personal documents. These would be misused for human trafficking.


Thank you very much for your response. Please let me categorically state that this transaction is risk free, as all necessary legal arrangements to crown this transaction with success have properly been taken care of.

All that is required of you is your willingness to work with me towards securing release of the consignment from the bonded facility in Turkey. Currently my kids and I are in Bab Al Salaam refugee camp between Syria and Turkey, and there is little or nothing I can do from here hence I am soliciting for the assistance of a competent foreign partner to act on my behalf. We heard rumor that there will be another Chemical air strike attack which is why I am in an urgent need to move the funds out from the bonded facility and most importantly, secure the lives and future of my children as we can’t tell what the next minute holds for us. 

All necessary legal documents that will empower you to lay claims of the consignment as the duly appointed beneficiary will be procured by the bonded facility’s legal department upon our request. After the documents have been secured, you will then go ahead to officially lay claim to the consignment.

The amount of money concealed in the consignment is ($25 million – Twenty five million United States Dollars) and like I said, I’m willing to part with 30% of the total sum as commission, and be rest assured that all your expenses at the cause of running this transaction will also be reimbursed.

Please before we proceed, I urge you to provide me with your personal details such as Full name, Address, cell phone number, and any form of identification. I will also appreciate you giving me some details on your background and experience in handling a huge amount of money, at least I need to be sure I’m dealing with someone who can handle this huge amount of money, especially in the area of investment.

Further details will be provided upon receipt of your response.


Dr Sarah Moses Jabar

PS: Please find the attached my passport just so you know who you’re dealing with. I’ll appreciate that you treat this information with utmost confidentiality.

Dear Respectfully,

I am Dr. Sarah Moses, a medical practitioner from Damascus, Syria. I
write to seek for your assistance to help me and two young daughter
achieve our aim of relocating out of Syria to your country. We are very
responsible people who have the aim to invest in your country as we
have the financial strength to do so. But my major concern is that we
do not want be faced with the treatment of being treated as refugees
or second class citizens which so many Syrian business people who
traveled out without making right contacts or proper arrangements are
faced with.

Due to this fact, I sincerely seek for your assistance and partnership
as our foreign partner who will direct and manage the affairs of our
investments which we will partner with you in your home country. Even
we are ready to part 30% of all the proceeds of investment to you so
that you feel comfortable securing our interest. I look forward to
hear from you as I will also need your assistance in helping us
purchase a living house and as well get a good school where my
children will continue with their educational career.

Your urgent reply is needed at

Best Regards
Dr Sarah Moses Jabar

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