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Ms.Dorottaya Hameed is crying for help

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The refugee scam of Ms. Dorottaya Regina Garia Hameed is a particularly brazen scam. There is no such person in Zaatari Camp in Mafraq. Her partner in the business this time, operating out of a “Rolex trading house” in New York, is called Walter Thomas.

The papers she includes to make the story credible are bad forgeries. Germans are mainly served with these. Because of their attitudes towards refugees. The trail leads back to the programme Alina Becker and seems to be something like a second skimming of the victims after years.

Perhaps only the addresses that were siphoned off by the Alina programme at the time were passed on. The trail leads to Russia. To the point of absolute perversion, the perpetrators do not tick differently, warped dehumanization, which is brought with the camp story. They don’t want to make their victims think, they want to drive them crazy until they pay. It is likely that Dorottaya Regina Garia Hameed is another programme that brought a lot of loot for the initiators.

Keep your hands off such mails. Never write back, never send any personal documents. Move the mail to the digital waste bin.

Bad Fakeman


The message is for you.

I am appealing for your help.

Let me know if you will help me.

I will be waiting for your reply.

Dorottaya Hameed.

Dear sir,

I am Dorottaya Hameed a Syrian.I am 18 years by this year and was
turned to an orphan when the Da’ish fighters {Popularly called ISIS}in
a brutal raid which almost wiped out a whole community also killed my
parents and two of my siblings. We hid in a sewage tunnel for two
days, without food until the Da’ish fighters left. The government
forces rescued us and took us to Zaatari refugee camp Mafraq, where I
have remained for over two years now with no hope of ever leaving
alive. I do not know how else to source for help if not through this
medium. I know we have not met but I plead with you to treat my matter
with utmost urgency. I found in my father’s documents which I took
along with me,a fund deposit certificate which was issued to him. My
father deposited the sum of Five Million Five Hundred Thousand
Dollars{$5.5Million},a long time ago, when he used to travel for
business. I have since make inquiries and have confirmed the
deposit.However,I am in the refugee camp and in a situation that I
cannot claim the fund unless I produce a death certificate and provide
somebody like you who will help me receive the fund as my beneficiary.
I have the death certificate of my late father which I collected from
the Allepo Hospital before it was closed, but I do not have somebody
to stand on my behalf to receive the fund.

I am pleading with you to help me receive the fund on my behalf. I do
not know any other person in this world that will help me and that is
why I resorted to this medium. If you receive the fund, you will help
me invest the fund in a profitable business and help me to secure visa
to your country where I can start a new life. I am trusting in you
that you will help me because you are my last hope to start a life
again. There is no phone to call from here but I can write you mails
from the army base café here. Please get back to me urgently so we can
plan ahead.

Dorottaya Hameed.

Tears on my pillow


I am only trying to survive and leave the camp to start off a new life
some where else through your help to stand as my appointed bonafide
legal beneficiary empowered to receive the fund for investments
through you to manage it in sectors you deem good and profitable
including using the proceeds from the investments to better my life
through education and your family. I can further my education through
your help in any country of your choice that is safe and provide me
with good quality education.

I sincerely pray that you will be fair to me and that you will help
me. I know how difficult it may be because we have not met before but
I do not have any choice because I am in a very serious helpless
condition and I must reach out to you to help me. You are the only one
I have contacted in this and I will not contact any other person.

I have attached a certified copy of the Death Certificate And my ID Card.

Please this is a very highly classified document and should be kept
confidential for security purposes.

I will wait to receive your next mail to give you further details for
claim and release of the fund to you.

Once again thank you for your kindness.

Dorottaya Hameed.

False Death Certificate Hameed Dorattaya
False Refugee Card Hameed Dorattaya


Please receipt of the death certificate and my ID card documents and
get back to me for more details.

Dorottaya Hameed.

Ericdress WW

Not bonafide..

>> Procedure involves documentations and clearances to enable you receive
>> the funds on my behalf as the bonafide beneficiary.
>> Can we proceed?
>> Sincerely,
>> Dorottaya Hameed.

Trainline WW

Second part of the peculiar story


Thanks for your kindness to help me.

Due to the crisis in Syria.

I am in a helpless condition.

Therefore I have spoken to the finance company and they said they can
arrange release of the fund but I cannot receive the fund here in the
camp because there is no bank or finance house and I do not have an
account anywhere in the world.

More so, the crisis in Syria will not allow anyone to transfer fund to
Syria. I am therefore left with no choice than to ask you to please
help me to receive the fund. I have contacted to a consultant in
London and he has accepted to handle and coordinate the process on my
behalf with you as a result of my helpless situation in the refugee
camp where I cannot do anything.

I will direct you to work with him to process the legal documentations
for the release of the funds to you. He will prepare enabling
documents and application in your behalf to the finance company and
commence processing for the release of funds to you as appointed
authorized beneficiary.

Meanwhile I will direct you to contact him on his details below

Name: Walter Thomas
Email address:

When you write him.

Inform him that I Dorottaya Hameed in zaatari refugee camp directed
you to contact him for procedure guidelines in the process,
clearances,documentations and release of the funds.

He is a very good and nice person.

He will be glad to work with you and direct you on the procedures
guidelines clearances and documentations to receive the funds.

Let me know once you write and contact him.

Please continue to pray for me as my life is not safe here in the
refugee camp and needs to leave here as soon as you can get me out to
your country or any other good safe peaceful place to continue my

I will send you the other documents for your records and
documentations once you have opened up communication with the
consultant in London.

Remain blessed and may your vineyard be richly blessed and filled with
abundant grace.

I await your response.

Dorottaya Hameed.

Logitech Many Geos



Noted your mail and position.

Please write him immediately to commence the process of documentations
for funds release.

No one is asking you to pay for any fee or charges if that is your concern.

Let me know once you write him a mail as directed and copy me.

Dorottaya Hameed.

Speech bubbles


Thanks for your understanding.

Update me once you receive his reply.

Once again I appreciate your cooperation.

Dorottaya Hameed.


Thanks for your reply.

I am hopeful the consultant will get back to you.

He is a very busy person with loads of work.

Update me as soon as you hear from him.

Once again thanks for your understanding.

Dorottaya Hameed.

The Mummy of Nurudeen Hameed

ATTN: Beneficiary,

I acknowledge the receipt of your mail regarding guideline procedure process, clearances and documentations in respect of claim for release of late Nurudeen Hameed fund who is the father of Miss Dorottaya Hameed as you are her appointed beneficiary/inheritor.

Pleased to inform you that the procedure requirement involves filling an application in your behalf and getting a power of attorney to enable commencement of processing documentations, clearances for claim to authorize and empower you legally to receive the funds on her behalf.

Kindly provide the following information’s for documentation process

Your Complete Full Names:
Complete Contact Address:
Contact Phone No:
Your Valid ID Card Preferably a copy of your International Passport or Driver’s License or Government Certified ID Card.

We will commence with the documentation process on receipt of the requested information’s from you and provide you with further information’s.

Thanks for your understanding.

Yours in service,
Walter Thomas.

Dr Walter “Munchhausen” Thomas


For further clarifications about myself.

Stated below is my details.

Dr.Walter Thomas LLC
Nailaam’s Place Limited
Address:665 5th Avenue,
New York,
NY 10103 USA
Financial Consultant.
Tel:+1 347 688 3966
Fax:+1 320 388 7918

Without your complying to provide complete information’s implies that there will be no documentations and no release or transfer of funds to you as the beneficiary.

The orphan is Ms.Dorottaya Hameed not Mrs.Dorottaya Hameed.

She is existing and presently trapped at the zaatari refugee camp Mafrag near Syrian border with Jordan.

You are free to confirm these information’s to clear your doubts, skepticism and wrong assumptions of the transaction.

The story is true as she is passing through a lot due to the crisis going on there.

I have done my own enquiries when she contacted me and appealed for help on her behalf as she is in a helpless situation and cannot do anything.

She has made her decision and choice of nominating and recommending you as her bonafide beneficiary to the fund.

There is no multinational scandal in the transaction process as everything will be done accordingly to the international financial regulation law guiding such transfers covered and backed up with relevant legal documents to cover you up from any breach of law or international financial regulations.

The national curfew or crisis will not affect smooth completion of the funds release/transfer process to you. Everything concerning government protocol and regulations will be observed and followed strictly while applying for relevant authorizations.

Kindly go ahead to confirm from the camp where she is currently trapped and give us your feedback.

We will commence with the documentations on receipt of your complete information’s as requested bearing in mind that your information’s will be handled highly confidential and strictly for official documentations purposes to process the release/transfer of funds to you as nominated by Miss.Dorottaya Hameed.

Thanks for your understanding.

Yours in service,
Walter Thomas.

Pressure maker

Dear ,

Thanks for your update with the consultant.

Please believe me and help as you have accepted to save my life.

Work with the consultant and give him all the requested information’s
to process the funds and transfer it to you.

All I have told you about us is truth.

I am Ms.Dorottaya Regina Garia Hameed.

I am still at the refugee camp in Syria while looking for your help to
leave the place where life has become unbearable to me due to the
hardship coupled with poor living conditions.

You can do your enquiries about us.

I will wait for your update with the consultant.

I appreciate all your efforts and kindness to help.

Dorottaya Hameed.

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