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The wife of the last Pharaoh -Scammers heritage from the Arab Spring

Sphinx, endora international, 1998

A reader sent us this document. Thanks to all readers anyway for sending us countless scam attempts. Now it is Mubarak, of course the story is not true, it is so transparent that this fairy tale is not true that actually no further explanation would be necessary.

Money invested in Nigeria shows what the perpetrators actually want. There would be endless demands for payment from Lagos, fees, lawyers, corrupt authorities. The list goes on and on.

It is the scammer worm that the perpetrators are naturally trying to place. Mubarak’s widow lives in Algeria, and she is certainly not being monitored by the Egyptians there. It’s a nasty bullshit story from Nigeria.
Move the mail to the digital dustbin, don’t reply, don’t send anything.



How are you today? i am so sorry for my late response, i am so happy to hear
your detailed plan to invest my money and your interest to assist me to get
this money into your account.

I want to inform you that there are so many factors regarding this money
which we must first take care of before we can get something meaningful in
this transfer. you sure knows my late husband when he was in power, I believe
that i can trust you and you will not betray me in this transfer as this
is my only hope of surviving with my family.

The money in question is strictly deposited by my late husband in the central
bank of Nigeria, but you should be very much secretive about this because
the eye of the present Government here in Egypt is watching over my activities
to know if i know where my husband deposited his money. thereby making life
miserable for me and my two sons.

Please if you will work with me,then i will direct you to my family lawyer
who can assist you to apply for the release of this money to your account,
The lawyer has been instructed on what to do and you have to follow up with
his instructions and guidelines so the whole processing of the money will
be done by him. upon the completion of the processing of the money in the
bank with your name and information’s as the owner of the fund, then the
central bank will contact you and transfer the money to you.

Please i am still very shaky here explaining all this to you,i hope you will
be my best trust friend. please you have to assure me that the money will
be safe with you.

I will get back to you with the information of the lawyer and i will also
inform you that you have to give the lawyer your maximum support and work
with him to realize this dream. i will also like you to tell me more about
you and your family . i am so gratful for your response.


Mrs Susan Mubarak

It proceeded with the attorney of the fake lady:


To: Client

To Who It May Concern.


Your email refers to Her Excellency Mrs. Suzanna Mubarak, she have since
notified me about your committed assistance in the execution of their family
asset, though, without clear details of your person which is vital in order
to process the documentations before you can legally act in that capacity.

Suffice it to inform you on the need to be proactive towards this to alleviate
the enormous stress Mrs. Mubarak has been due to the status of the fund at
the moment, I will communicate to the finance firm as soon as I hear from
you with all necessary details to back your status to the claim.


Barrister Daniel Kofi Esq
(Principal Partner)  

Some minutes later from the same ip adress:



i want to let you know that as soon as you contact the lawyer,do let me know.whatever

you discussed with him,do not forget to inform me, i am waiting to hear from

you,i need your full name and contact address.

Susan Mubarak

Doubts were written away:



How are you today? i hope that you are very okay. i read with intent your
anger towards the lawyers mail ,what is the problem that you noticed.

I will be very glad if you can open up and tell me what you think about this
issue.i asked you to contact the lawyer,because he will assist you to apply
for the transfer of this money to your account.

He is a trusted lawyer to my family even during when my husband was in power.
my brother i needed your assistance to get this done well.

The present Government is really monitoring all my activities, because they
believe that my husband deposited the money somewhere that i should know
about it. that is why i told you to work with the lawyer.please i am asking
you to do this because of me,so that when the money is transferred to your
account,then you will make provision for me and my family to come over and
start a new life.

Please do work with the lawyer,i assure you very uch that he will serve you
well. i am being very careful so that the Government will not know about
this money,because they will stop it and seize it.

I am waiting to hear from you soon,God bless you my brother.


Susan Mubarak

The end of the stupid attempt



How are you today, hope all is fine? i don’t like the way you respond to
me as if this is a child’s play. I asked you to contact the lawyer so that
he will assist you making sure the money is processed at the payment and
transferred to you, but you kept on sounding like as if you are not interested.

Well if you continue to behave like this,then we can not be able to achieve
anything out of this. the lawyer has forwarded his contact infor,mation and
working telephone numbers to you,but you refused to send your number to him
or even me. why will stand as if you want to assist us and still doubting
the whole thing. no my dear i don;t like this attitude, if you want to assist
me,just forget about this behavior and work with the lawyer to make sure
that this transfer works out.

This is not a fake proposal,and not a must do affair, i am okay here,as the
present government is watching me,and everything i do is under the watchful
eye of the security operatives,that is why i handed everything to the lawyer
to run on my behalf.

Open up and let us do this ,so that i will move out of this country with
my family to start a new life. cooperate with the lawyer please.

God will bless you, hoping to hear from you.


Susan Mubarak

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