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Scammer ip’s from our backend

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We would like to share the ip’s of those who try hard to get into our backend. After that, we share the “loot”, you understand more about it than we do, with the cyber crime unit of the police. They love it. They lick their fingers, no VPN helps there…

How stupid do you have to be?

Yes, we record these IPs and publish them every week from now. For those who try this, we have backup programs and all the data backed up multiple times. It’s just a push of a button to restore the data.

We make way too much money from your sometimes inane stories to want to go off-line for a minute.

Yes, and there are hundreds of readers who send us the stories from all over the world.

Africa is more

So, it is idiotic to use the back door. Smart, but you can’t assume that with 419- scammers, to focus on another job in life.

Oh, and we still have about 3000 items canned, and there’s the eBay category to boot. And there are many working on this site, including for the new French and Spanish sections.

For you, a serenade:… as a consolation prize…

Three days of attempt:


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