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Dirk Jan Sterrenburg Scam picture by @vagmikumar

One of our readers sent this crazy mail of Mr. Sterrenburg, whoever this is and whatever he wants.

After all, we now know that Mr Sterrenburg would prefer his victims’ money. The story just as bizarre as the email he sent to our reader.

Within an email, the man, presumably from Ghana, mutates into a doctor of everything.
Move the email to the digital waste bin. Mr Sterrenburg is a Scammer – stargazer, do not reply, do not send money or documents.

*Dear Sir,*

*In  respect to  the  notification sent to  about Mr. Saat Bin Mohammad
*claim, Our office have  it with fully authority to ensure  that justice*

*it is done and this funds reverse  to  you  legally .*

*Therefore  for  our office to  proceed kindly provide  relevant
information as follows:*
*A,  Your   full   names *
*B,  Your   Office /house  address*
*C. Your telephone number (Cell phone)*
*D, Occupation/Sex*

*Waiting  for  your email with  the above information to commence the
procedures for funds  release  to  you within 3bank  working  days from the

day  of  this notice.*

*Yours  faithfully ,*
*Dirk  Jan Sterrenburg*

Sir ,
This  is  to confirm your   email.
note   that  is  all  about usd10.5m
on  your name  and   some  one   wants  to claim it.
we  want   to  reverse to  you
and make  sure   you  secure   your  inheritance   funds
within   the next3 bank  working   days. from  now.
Therefore provide   us   with   the   informations
so  that  we  can  process   the release  of  this  funds
to   you  accordingly.

Waiting  for  your  prompt  response.


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1 comment

Dirk Sterrenburg April 16, 2023 at 11:52 PM

Ik heb hier totaal niets mee te maken ik verdenk mensen er van mijn naam te misbruiken om hier zelf beter van te worden .
Vriendelijke groet d.j.sterrenburg


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