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Deda Dedvukaj Scam Bild von Projekt_Kaffeebart auf Pixabay

It is so unworthy that one is left with nothing but amazement at this robbery story. The story is not true, send it to the digital dustbin, never reply, never send personal documents.


I wish to inform you that the United States Government has approved
your Long Unclaimed Funds worth ($10,000,000.00 USD). You will receive
your funds through  (Golden1 Credit Union ATM Debit Card) or (Bank to
Bank Wire Transfer).

Meanwhile, you are advised to please re-confirm your (FULL NAME,
ADDRESS, MOBILE NUMBER & YOUR ID CARD) to enable us process your
funds. And in-line with the above requirements, a copy of (
Certificate of Claim, Certificate of Ownership and Fund Release Order)
would be issued to you for “FREE” by the United States Government.

I await your urgent response.

Mr. Deda Dedvukaj

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