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FBI G-Man Terry Williams is in action

FBI G-Man Terry WilliamsScam Photo@btwitch via Twenty20

The story of a scammer quickie– this time special offer for 170 US$ in gift cards

The guy who calls himself an agent has already been active in the last few months.

Now the business is no longer worthwhile and the price has been lowered. The same applies to this scammer offer: straight into the digital dustbin. Do not reply, do not send money. Agents in this position must at least be masters of the English language. Which is more than can be said for this wretched guinea pig for scammers. The scam probably originates in Nigeria, but is being handled in India. Thanks to the reader who sent us this strange request.

Attention: Attention,

I write to inform you that we already issued Your Funds $2.5 Million United state dollars documents to Western union to accompany your $5,000 payment each day. But the only problem we are having right here is your personal signatures which the Federal Administer of Fund Federal Republic requested that you must sign those documents before we can transfer funds to you. However, I told the officer in charge that it will not be necessary for you to come down here due to your occupation or some other thing that may not allow you to come down here to sign those documents yourself. The Minster Administrator of Fund said that you should get an attorney to sign on your behalf if you are unable to come down here in person.

I think this way is the best and the only way forward for you to receive the funds. I have negotiated with an attorney who would sign on your behalf. His name is Sam Floyd. According to him you are to pay for the accredited attorney. He is charging $340.00 to be paid before he gets those documents signed in your favor. I told him to consider signing those documents on your behalf today with a promise that you would pay him back from the $5,000

Payment you suppose to receive tomorrow morning if he gets those documents signed today.

And his respond is that you have to pay the accredited attorney fee of $340.00 before signing those documents. Well, I asked him for the very last time if he could allow you pay half of his fee today with a promise that you would pay him the Remain balance tomorrow from your $5,000 payment at the western union office once you pick up the $5,000 payment. Well, he said that you should pay the half of the fee $170.00 through western union

Today He want me to ask you if you would be so kind to pay him back The remain $170.00 balance at the western union office once you picked up the $5,000 pay out each day. I am hereby this writing to ask you to let me know if you would pay his balance immediately you pick up the $5,000 payment.

He wants you to pay half of $170.00 today if you are so kind to pay the balance at the western union office once you picked up the $5,000 payment tomorrow. But if you are not kind enough to pay his balance after picking the first transfer just do not bother yourself not to reply because I won’t see another attorney here to do this. Here is information for you to pay $170.00 half of his fee through western union today.

The attorney will get those documents signed as soon as he confirms the half of his fee from you. I will advice you to pay him the sum of $170.00 and let him sign the documents and you will then pay the other balance of $170.00 form your $5,000 payment.

I await your compliance.


Payment should be made to:

You are advise to send down the fees on this name below through Ria Money Transfer :
  Send it and get back to us immediately with the senders name with the address 

Two hours later

Sorry for the mistake , the sum of usd$170 is okay and if RIA has closed fior the easter then i will advise to send down the fees to Buy Gift card 

This is the only way whereby we can receive the money the equivalent. the card can be resale here  okay . so please you to use the money and buy the gift card and send copy with the receipt 

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