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This is the export hit from Nigeria. Apparently, the government does not intend to do anything about the countless crooks who keep the whole world busy with their stupid tricks. Of course, there is no truth in the story and US$257 would be easy money to pick up somewhere. Preferably at Western Union in Lagos.

Therefore, do not reply, do not send any personal details or documents. You would become a victim of countless other crimes of the brutal Nigerian scammer gang. Do not send money, it would be irretrievably lost. In the corrupt Nigerian state system, no one cares about such claims.

Move the mail to the digital dustbin.

We have arrested all the fraud people that has been cheating you and
collecting your money here in Lagos Nigeria we are the new ATM CARD office
here in Lagos Nigeria now your ATM CARD will reach your hand
today or tomorrow it will cost you only $257 that is all once
this fees is paid we will give you delivery tracking number to enable
you know when it reach your home.
This is the Name where you can make the payment.
Receiver Name:Austin Ogbogu
Location: Lagos Nigeria.
Your Sender name..
MTCN Number.
Your sender address.

Send the fee through Ria money transfer or by Small world or World Remit..

Send the payment details to Mr.Victor Eze for the processing of your
ATM card delivery


Mr.Jerry Ade

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