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Credit Suisse Fake by Dr Chris Hobson


First, we want to thank the reader for the mails and documents of the fake of a man who is calling himself Dr Chris Hobson.

Everyone knows, neither person nor money exist, but there are some comments to be made about this case, which again involves prepaid mobile phones. Credit Suisse’s behaviour is at the expense of consumers who might fall for such a scam. More on this here now. He even pestered the potential victim while the flood in Germany with every day mails and wanted her to send her documents.

Unfortunately, Credit Suisse was unable to comment, despite several telephone and written enquiries. CS is annoyed that scammers are earning a golden nose for the bank in Zurich. At best, the victims of these cybercrimes could turn to the bank. Or that questions will be asked. Certainly, it is only a point in the security apparatus of the Swiss bankers that the scammers exploit without restraint when they circulate forged documents of the bank. The lethargy of the Swiss is disconcerting and repulsive.

The story is old and no one should fall for it anymore. Therefore: Do not reply, do not give out any personal documents and move the mail to the digital bin.

I seek your permission to engage you in this transaction that
will be of our mutual benefit.
Reply ASAP via my private email:

Dr Chris Hobson

Thanks for your response. This proposal is very important to me so please I want you to take the content of this mail very seriously. First of all, I will start by introducing myself. My name is Dr. Chris Hobson (PHD), I am currently working with Credit Suisse Bank. I have been working here for several years and I have a good working record with my Bank.

During the recent auditing of bank accounts in our bank,  I discovered a bank account that had not been operated for a long period of time. After an investigation discreetly, I discovered that the owner of this account was a business mogul and Arabian Dr. Manzoor Hasan who died along with his immediate family in a fatal car accident in the month of January 2007, may their soul rest in peace.
He died leaving a huge sum of  £18,500,000.00 in our bank custody without any beneficiary and all attempts to reach any of his extended family have proved abortive.
I want to present you as the Beneficiary to our late foreign customer who died without a beneficiary so that the sum of £18,500,000.00 GBP (Eighteen Million Five Hundred Thousand Great British Pounds Sterling) will be paid to you as the beneficiary to the deceased.I am ready to do this business with you on the condition that you will not betray me when you receive this fund in your bank account.
My major reason is simply that there is no moral justification for my bank to inherit this fund. Bear in mind that I am an insider, I have all it takes to carry out this transaction without any hitch. I am also here to protect both of our interests.
There is nothing about this transaction that will expose you to any breach of the law as it will be executed under the ambit of the law. So your security here and in your country is fully assured.

At the end of this transaction you will take 45% of the Fund while I will take 55%.
The Bank is earnestly waiting for anyone that will come up for the claim of this Fund, this is just the secret behind this Fund which also motivated me to contact you, I give you 100% assurance that our both safety is well secured as regards to this claim.

I will upload your details in my Bank and provide all the necessary documents to legally prove that you are the true beneficiary to this Fund.
Please get back to me with your full details:
Your full names = [?],
Mobile phone numbers= [?],
Contact address= [?],
Date of birth= [?],
Occupation and Nationality= [?].

Finally, I would like to point out to you that this transaction requires your utmost confidentiality.

Best Regards,
Dr. Chris Hobson.

Head Operations

Credit Suisse Bank.

A day later the reader posted the new message of the Fake Credit Swiss

Greetings ,
I have successfully uploaded your details in our database as the hire to this fund and all that is required of you now is to contact my bank by forwarding the letter below to the foreign remittance department of my bank. Copy the letter below and send it to my bank’s foreign remittance department using this email:
Get back to me with any response you get from my bank.
Remember that this deal is a top secret and so please do not disclose it to any other person.

Dr Chris.

Even letters he wrote for our reader:

Dear Sir,


I wish to apply for the transfer of my inheritance fund valued Eighteen Million Five hundred thousand Great British Pounds Sterling (£18,500,000.00) from Account number #386-41732-56 into my Bank account in my Country.
This is the money left behind at your bank by your late customer Dr. Manzoor Hasan who died with his entire family in an auto crash.
Your urgent response to this inquiry will be highly appreciated and I will give you further demands upon receipt of any correspondent from your good office.

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.

Yours faithfully,

Preparing the fraud:

Thanks for the information.I have to start work immediately on getting all the requested documents.I will get back to you as soon as the documents are ready.Wait for the documents.Regards.
Dr Chris.

False Affidavit from Dr Chris Hobson,2021

Yesterday, with the help of a loan facility from my bank I was able to pay 103,000GBP for the requested documents (Logistics excluded).On Monday all the documents will be ready and I will send them across to you so you can attach your international passport and equally write down your banking details and send them all to my bank.Wait till Monday for the requested documents.Enjoy your weekend dear.Best regard

Dr Chris.

False Letter of Admin, Dr Chris Hobson, 2021

Sorry I am writing late, I had a hectic day today,I

am so sorry about the devastation, I hope no life was lost?Please take good care of yourself and I will be waiting for your update on the progress and equally let me know when you are able to send the required to the bank so that I will follow up on it.Please stay strong and take good care my dear.I will wait for your update.
Dr Chris.

False Death Certificate, Scammer Dr Chris Hobson

Good morning Dearest
How is the clean up going?Hope you are good?Please respond to me so I will know what is going on.Also note that the bank is waiting for the documents for the finalization of our transaction.Equally note that your share in this transaction will help you in renovating your home.You can even buy a better house from your share here and so we need to hasten up and conclude this transaction.Get back to me immediately you get this message. Note that I am in debt here and need my own share to pay off my debt. Please reply.
Dr Chris.

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