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First, thanks to the reader who sent us this email.
The trick is old and hackneyed, only the email from Russia’s yandex and the phone numbers seem genuine, wherever they lead. Written by someone from Ghana, terrible English.
Half a billion scammers, Monopoly money is even more real. The scammers had better look for a way to get into prison. We haven’t come across 500 million yet either. But a bank that doesn’t seem to exist with mobile phones, even for faxes, will certainly throw that away. Maybe also the pills that the initiators urgently need.
This group immediately tries to use the documents they would use for countless crimes. Do not send money, the notary fees or transfer fees do not exist because the money does not exist. Therefore, don’t reply, don’t send documents, move the mail to the digital rubbish bin.

Access Trust Bank Group
Foreign Remittance Director
Address.Chemin Louis-Dunant
Geneva. Switzerland

Dear Beneficiary,

Sequel to the meetings held today by the Board of Directors of my
bank(Access Trust Bank Group), we write to notify you that the sum of
$500,000,000.00 USd (Five Hundred Million United States Dollars
only) have been approved on your name. This payment is based
on the fact that my bank got a directive from the World Bank group
Office in Switzerland after verification have been made about your
long over due payment and how many banks have treated you in the past,
so this payment is as compensation.

Actually, payment authorization have been issued today by our bank
head office under the code of conduct of the Switzerland law,article
15,paragraph 7 of the enabling law of the country. Acting on the
authorization conferred to us as the paying bank, we hereby authorize
the above mentioned beneficiary to receive the said fund without any
more delay, this is to satisfy our conscience.

We have also verify all the information of your file as correct and to
be acceptable by whom ever that is concern. In line with the above,
the beneficiary is qualify to receive his/her fund without any

Beneficiary is required to reconfirm his/her full details and forward
to this office immediately. The required information are below.

1. Your full names and your home address.
2, Your Phone numbers and Bank coordinates.
3, Your age and Occupation.
4, A scan copy of your international passport or any id showing that
your name is the same with what we have here in your file, this is to
avoid making payment to the wrong person.

As soon as my office received the above information, we will commence
with the transfer process. All response should be to this email id:

Best Regards,

Contact E-mail is:
Contact E-mail is:

Best regards

Mrs.Elizabeth Clair
Managing Director
Address.Chemin Louis-Dunant
3.1202 Geneva. Switzerland
Access Trust Bank in Geneva

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