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It is the pattern of the money launderers from the environment of the scammers, loans from mafia structures, which are then laundered.

They pretend that the money comes from Brunei. From a monkey that has been given a name.

Therefore, do not reply, do not send any documents, no money for an office or notary fees. They are money launderers. Move the mail to the digital dustbin.

Good day,

My name is Luis Fernandez.I would like to discuss something
important that will benefit both of us. I will send you more
details upon your response.


Luis Fernandez

Dear Partner,

I have an investor that wants to invest into a  company that needs funds  for expansion only.He does not want to invest the money into new Companies that want to start up, but into Companies that have been making good profits but needs funds for EXPANSION.

The investor is a Prince from  Brunei South East Asia.

His Area of concentrations are Real Estate, Biotech, Textiles , Information technology, Pharmaceuticals , Oil & Energy Industries, Mining  & Metals Industry, Management Consulting Industry ,Maritime industry, Hospital & Health Care Industry, Consumer Services Industry, International Trade and Development Industry ,Gambling & Casinos Industry, Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing Industry, Insurance Industry, Chemical industries, Marketing and Advertising Industry, Leisure, Travel & Tourism Industry, Agriculture, Aviation, Retail, Import and Export, Trade and development industry, Real Estate & Construction Industry and any other viable investment opportunities.

If you recommend a Company to take loan or investment funds from from my client the investor, me and you will be entitled to 5% of any amount received by the Company from the investor but if you are taking the fund directly as a company i will be entitled to 2.5% and you will retain 2.5% as Global Finder’s fee commission.

There will be a face to face meeting between the investor and the investee after signing (MOU) the (AORI) should not be less than 3% per annum if it’s loan or direct project financing.

Look for a reliable Company that needs funding and we can easily make 5% of the amount received from the investor but we need to maintain absolute confidentiality in the transaction as the fund provider wants to remain silent, so you have to keep it highly confidential between us.
I will need the company profile and the project summary of the company that will need funding to present to my investor immediately.

Best Regards

Luis Fernandez

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