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Virtuoso money laundering for Scammer

Apart from the fact that the perpetrators are confusing the English and US systems, the story is as confused as the Nigerians behind it. The story is so confused that no one can see through it, the certificate is pathetically fake. Children can portray that better.There is a suspicion here that the scammers want to use your account to launder money.

Therefore: Do not reply, do not send any personal data, no documents, no money for transfer fees demanded by a Nigerian lawyer.Nothing is true about the whole mail, just move it to the dustbin.

Really we may have not known but during my micro soft search
directories i got your contact but due to scandalous internet nature
global one deserve carefulness and this were my utmost reason by
demanding of your information so as you will not abscond with earn
Well it isn’t obligatory but by willingness to receive this fund
through your foreign bank account,
Your wish is my command,


I acknowledge your corresponding reply so what do want?
This fund were deposited in bank of United Kingdom by late honorable
former senate president of whom i was his accounting officer during
his tenure in office,
I’m soliciting your indulgence to utilize your foreign bank account to
transfer this fund in-respect to memorandum of agreement we will reach
Anticipate your reply,
Best Regard,
Mrs Fati Bakr,
(Acct Officer)


I’m Mrs Fati Bake, Accountant by profession,
I obtain deceased dormant account and I need your help,
Anticipate your reply,
Best Regard,
Mrs Fati Bakr,
(Acct Officer)

Fake Certificate, Scammer 2021


I obtain dormant domiciliary bank account of a late senator and i’m
soliciting your help to use your foreign account as representing
beneficiary to re-transfer this fund out from bank of United Kingdom,
While we reach M.O.U,
Anticipate Reply,
Mrs Fati Bakr,

Fundamental in utilizing your foreign account to perfect this
transaction you will take 20% out of total deposit,
What you have to do is forwarding your profile in thus>
1) Name/Surname
2) Profession
3) Address
4) Direct Mobile Contact
5) Valid Identity
On receiving above subject i will forward certificate of deposit on
proof of evidence,
Anticipate Reply,
Mrs Fati Bakr,

Dear ,

I receive your name without mobile contact and durable identification,
On transparency & accountability this transaction require sincerity
because accrediting Yorkshire bank Plc of United Kingdom whence this
fund is deposited by late honorable former senate president Dr
Wilberforce Chuba Okadigbo will reciprocate to you with acknowledgment
letter of due verification /approval,
Attach is certificate of deposit for proof of evidence,
Kindly resend complete request to facilitating our memorandum of agreement bond,
Anticipate Reply,
Mr M.Abu.
(Acct Officer)

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