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The way Paul begins his contradictory “love letter” is suspicious right from the start.

It is peppered with so many mistakes that he certainly did not enjoy a higher education. What he pretends to would not cause him to write such mails. Shell, then government and still real estate, almost a little Donald Trump.

He has forgotten marriage fraud and that the whole story in itself points to the Nigerian mafia.

In a moment, God and marriage are invoked, he delightfully traces the image of women in African men.

The perpetrators from Nigeria always write the I in small letters.

For the women who feel a moment’s puffing, it’s a brutal fraudster at work who only wants information for the purpose of blackmail. He will always ask for money. The framework of the story surfaced a few years ago, but has been reissued in ever-changing form over the last few months.

Therefore: Do not reply, do not send any pictures or documents. These would be used for further crimes. Money laundering, creating accounts, other scams. Move the mail to the digital dustbin. Paul will be looking for another job sometime in the near future.

My name is …Paul Anderson
i am a citizen of Australia , but i live in New York City USA, because of my work ,

presently i travel to London United Kingdom for a Contract work ,
I work full time as Government Official and also a manager at Shell Oil Company in New York

City America also deal on Real estate management and development,
i travel to many countries for my work ,that’s about me Can i know about you Dear?? Am so

delighted to meet you in my life,my dearest please if you don’t mind can you tell me more

about your self, i mean everything i need to know from you.
What is your work?
how old are you?
are you married or single?
do you have any kids?
So nice to have you as my new friend and pray that the almighty lord will help us have a

mutual friendship that will profit our children and grand children in future….Amen!!!
I am waiting for your respond
God bless you!!!!!

My only hobbies are ,taking photos, But, I also like the old stones of the old castles and

old churches historical sites traditions and customs and travelling is my best hobby and

doing something that is good that will not hurt people around me , Doing anything that

keeps me happy as long as it doesn’t hurt people around me but most of all i love listening

to classic music..

I work full time as an Government Official and also deal on estate management
and development i travel to countries for my carrier and I am also into Interior Designer

I am a busy man and do not have time for females,
i don’t have Girl Friend
i Only Look forward to you
i hope you will be a Very good friend to me??

I am loving, caring, easy going and gentle man with a great sense of humor,
I’m a widower. I’ve been single for four years, I lost my wife in a terrible car accident

four years ago, you know life is too short to be alone so! i seroiusly need a very good and

humble woman by my side

I am an honest and caring man that knows
how to put smile on a woman face.
I am a busy man and do not have time for females,
however no matter how successful a man would be,
he still need cares from a special loving woman
to make his life smooth and enjoyable.

i am a single father
i lost my wife in Air Plan Crash accident on her way of Travelling to US
so i now live alone in my Own Duplex House in London with my only Lovely
Daughter sherry Since then i have been a single helpless father you know life is too!

short to live alone
i Really need a Very Humble and good Woman in my Life.

Just Paul.

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