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Moonshine from Helmut Castañeda

Another almost unbelievable story on behalf of an ATM scam. Where the scam comes from is uncertain, but Helmut Castaneda is one of the representatives of the ATM scam, not the real one, who was robbed of his identity, but probably crazy Nigerians who want to earn a living with it.
The story is bogus from end to end. Cheers, another moon shine.
Therefore: Do not answer, the card does not exist, do not send any personal information, no money. Move the mail to the trash.

Attention Beneficiary,

Following up instruction received from Investment Expatriate Commercial Bank.

My name is Helmut Castaneda, US Diplomatic/Agent Travel Related Services. I am connected all over the world. I was contacted by Investment Expatriate Commercial Bank upon your pending transaction that was published since few days. Due to Cyber Crime Investigations Research (Privately) it was found out that your FUND publication online application stated $16,900,000.00 originated from Kuwait company, registered in China with registration person of Investment Fund Manager, also the fund description is profits made from supply of construction materials used for pipeline construction project.

Further details was established that all formulated documents have not been obtained and series of payment was not made to appropriate offices in your country with your name and details.

Having said these, your ATM Card details here in our American Express, due to the location authorization, it need to be activated to American Express Serve Card to be able use there in Country. Please do let me know your decisions.

NOTE: Your fund is currently here in US (American Express).


Awaiting to your reply.

Best Regards,

Helmut Castaneda

Diplomatic/Agent American Express Travel Related Services

6985 S Union Park Ctr Ste 235

Midvale, UT, 84047-4177 United States

Company Type: Corporation Subsidiary

Phone: +1-385-282-7653

(24/7 Online Services)

After nearly 9 month the Castañeda scammer wrote again:

How are you doing today? I am writing to learn about the updates moving forward on this transaction. Have you given up or been discouraged? Do let us know your decisions.
I need your quick reply.

Best Regards, Helmut Castaneda, A business finance consultant Las Vegas, Nevada (United States of America)

+1 574 971 2058 is the WhatsApp phone number.

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