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Worst Passport Fake Ever

One day in Lagos Island

One wonders about the scammers’ business.

When our reader sent us this email, we in the editorial team did not know whether to laugh or cry.

The story is old and only adapted to the new situation, it’s from 2009.

The passport is by far the worst fake under the sun. The passport and the underlying facts were handed over by the reader to the police and criminal charges were filed against the perpetrators.

Of course, it is again about millions, about the good Lord, which the scammers always use, and a public figure. Who took the passport from whom there to bamboozle Europeans, we are not yet apparent.

It is probably a complete forgery to arrange an advance for the account or the notary.

With these sums, this can run into the tens of thousands.

Poor Mrs. Zainab Shamsuna Ahmed, who works as Minister of Finance in Nigeria, has had her picture on Facebook stolen and also her identity. She simply has nothing to do with printing.

What is surprising, however, is that Nigeria is not getting the problem under control to deal with these characters who send such mails. Therefore, as long as Africa cannot solve the scammer problem, do not reply. Do not send any personal information, no documents, these would be used for other crimes. There is money laundering and human smuggling. Never send money to the perpetrators, it would be lost. If the perpetrators put pressure on you as a “minister”, go to the police, they may not act today or tomorrow. But constant dripping wears away the stone. Move the mail to the digital ash box

Attention: Beneficiary,

Thanks for your urgent response, I want to let you know is that this
is real and legitimate. I hereby advice you to make sure you contact
the Bank and comply with the Bank wisely, so that your payment ATM
Card/$10 Million Dollars will be pay to you successfully. See the Bank
information Re-collected from the Bank today. Do act according to the
instruction below and I wish you the best of luck.

See the Bank Contact information below.

Managing Director: Mr. Chiugo Ndubisi
Bank Name: United Trust Bank Of Africa
Bank Email:
Bank Email:
Bank Telephone: +234 802 883 6652
Bank Telephone: +234 802 748 1290

I hereby advice to immediately reconfirm/furnish the United Bank of
Africa with the following details, so that there will start processing
your payment without delay.

A. Your Full Name;
B. Your Complete Address:
C. Telephone and Fax Numbers;
D. Copy of your ID card:
E. Occupation:

As soon as you send these details to the bank there will start
processing your payment and pay you the sum of US$10.5 Million Dollars
immediately. God Bless.

Mrs. Zainab Shamsuna Ahmed

Passport Fake Ahmed Zainab Shamsuna

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