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Now, the hardliners might say something again, but even Christians don’t like it when Allah is badly abused for windy deals by the scammer faction from West Africa. It is clear to everyone who reads the lines of this person who wrote there what kind of pack is hiding behind the scammers.

May they be struck by lightning. Twice.

But this is where things get red-hot. The story was penned by a Pakistani or Indian who tried to fool the world with the same story and stolen photos by creating a plot for dubious channels that led to Cameroon last time. The suspicion is that it is a refugee scam.

All over the social networks, these scammers, who are very close to the West African scammers, go fishing. The perpetrators probably also go fishing on social networks to somehow get hold of documents on how they can then get to Europe. Quite casually with a tourist visa. There is a lot of overlap with the programme Alina becker /Anne Marie Giradet described in this forum.

Contact broke off when, after our reader sent us the story, we asked direct questions arising from the factual context. The story resurfaced a short time later as a kind of COVID-19 scam from India. And ultimately led to the Banque Islamique Du Sénégal or fake of the bank.

The contact was broken off, but still left the trail to old known scam networks, which are a cross between Love-Scam and Refugee Scam. A new hoax from West Africa. There are many paths that lead to the same perpetrators.

The rule is: do not answer, however much you may be interested in the story the scammer is presenting. Remember, even Grimm’s fairy tales are exciting. If you want to know what happens next, you can read comparable stories in the Refugee Scam section. Mostly, the different stories lead to the same notaries, “banks” and transport companies.

Do not send documents, these would be facilitated for human smuggling through false visas. Do not send money, even if the writer suddenly claims that he has to pay for the refugee camp and food, that he would starve and otherwise only walk around in rags. It is an extra business. Do not respond to moral pressure. The word all over Nigeria is that you can make big money in Germany with these kinds of stories.
Move the mail to the digital waste bin.


My Dear.

Thanks for your reply ,like i have explain my self to you as a Muslim girl believe in one God,(Allah subhanaa).

Listen to this.

Jan 20th this Year, I lost my mummy due to infectious disease Covid-19 I could not believe what I saw with my eyes when i was call and inform that she could not make it. The doctors did there best, but she could not make it due to infectious disease Coronavirus. I give glory to Allah who save my life and keep me till this date.

With little cash left  i use it to force my way to nearby country Myanmar,since my mother was from Bruman Myanmar,and we where on our way to there before she was infected with Covid-19 and gave up to ghost on 20th of JAN 2021. 

Here am now, at Rohingya in Myanmar/Bangladesh border under (UNHCR). I could not locate the family members of my mother because i have never been here before now. I am in the street, with nobody to help me and I don’t have a place to go, my father and my mother are now dead. I tried to beg my uncle to accept me in the family and he said unless I changed to Christian but I still refused instead I choose to die as a Muslim. 

Before my mother died she was doing contract owned by her. She did this contract which i know she has not been fully paid before she meet her death due to coronavirus. Having explain this to me before her death And her plan to go into foreign investment when she receive the payment from the government where she did the contract job. Now that she is death i want her wish to stand.
As Muslim brother,if Allah can touch you to help me,i no is not easy to believe me,since this is internet. My greatest worry now is how i can manage to get my mother’s family,which is not easy for me because i don’t have anybody phone contact and was never been told the address.

Please do not let anybody hear about this, it is between me and you alone for security reason.I am waiting to hear from you.Your Love in Islam Riyane

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