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Scammers Nagging Begging Letter by Miss Marie Richard (4)

We ask you to read part one, two and three first

First of all, our reader deserves our greatest thanks for keeping up the mail traffic, she too wanted the crime patterns to become clear and comprehensible for everyone.

Interestingly, a version of the story that the father of the alleged Miss Marie Richard Scam circulated as early as 2015.

This happened under the same email address as today.

So in six years it was not possible to find the official perpetrators. Afterwards, the father died by rebels, car crashs or Covid-19, tuberculosis or simply by the assassinating hand of his relatives.The mail components used by the perpetrators in other programmes are the same.

The brutal story of lies of Miss Marie Richard and her illegal call centre went into the next round in the last few days. Almost the same building blocks as in other cases of Mariyah Khalifa and Jessica Idrissa were used to make our reader compliant.

Reference was then made to the alleged lawyer Barrister James Christopher (SA), who wanted to file papers at the Supreme Court in Senegal. It soon became clear that a round 40-year-old man was sitting in a hot cafe on the other side and played and acted.When our reader only raised a slight doubt, she was told that Marie Richard would not survive the camp. All she had to do was go to Western Union and deposit 1250 euros so that poor Marie would not die in the camp.

Countless emails came, some of them stupidly begging and others with a threatening undertone. The reference was to MoneyGram or Western Union. Apparently, the companies are not able to control the flood of payments that go to such transnational networks.

Make no mistake, only the servants of the organisations work in Africa, the backers enjoy a good life in France, the UK or Belgium. The pattern of the stories is similar, they have been appearing in increasing numbers since the beginning of the Arab Spring, and before that during the second Iraq war at the start of the millennium.

The visa from the German embassy to travel to France quickly faded into the background when the perpetrators felt that it could only be about a quick deal-.
It’s probably a scheme from Nigeria.

One group of perpetrators specialising in refugee scams

Now it is time for the politic to act on behalf of the European consumers. Brussels have to face this issue because the backers in Nigeria are unrestrainedly enriching themselves from the victims and are specifically looking for the people who are ready to take in refugees, out of their historical understanding.The Europeans.
The states in West Africa must be forced to outlaw and punish the perpetrators, so that the chain of human trafficking can be broken, at least in this respect.

Hello, my dearest

I have been crying because of the amount the lawyer asked us to pay before the legal papers will be valid, i don’t know what to do, I don’t know how i will raise the amount, my condition is too difficult. I cannot be able to raise such an amount here in this camp.

I am really suffering, whenever i remember my present condition i will be shedding tears. You know that this legal paper is the only thing holding the transfer and the bank will not transfer the fund without the legal papers. Dear, you know that we have come a long way in this transaction and it will be a total heartbreak for me if we stop here just because of the fee the lawyer asked us to pay before the legal papers will be ready.

Dear, please you must help me at this point, i encountered many difficulties in relocating and at-last I found myself in this refugee camp which is not worth living, all my hope now is on this money that is in the bank which I want you to assist me transfer to your country. I spent all the money I have when relocating to this place, all my hope now is that when this money gets into your account you will send some money for me to get my traveling papers and come over to your country for a better life.

Please i assure you that you will never regret this help you are rendering to me at this time of difficulty, Please try your best to help me because since my parents died i was left alone in this dangerous world it has been too difficult for me to survive, and i want to move out from this place because is like prison. Dear, please write to the lawyer and plead with him to help us get the legal papers, you can tell him the amount you can be able to give him to start his work after the transfer we pay him his balance, please try and help me out of this my predicament, you are my only hope of surviving in this life, all my hope of coming out of this camp is in your hands please help me i am hoping on you. Think about the money the bank wants to transfer into your account, and the legal papers are the only thing holding the transfer to commence and you know that the bank will not transfer the money without the legal papers from the federal high court, dear please try to understand me.

I will be waiting to read from you and to know your discussion with the lawyer, have a nice and lovely day.

Yours dearly,

Hello, my dearest

I have received your email, you don’t have to disclose the details of the transfer to your embassy. You have to keep everything about this fund top secret for a successful transfer of the funds to your account, i don’t want any person to sabotage our effort to transfer the funds. I want you to contact the lawyer and let him know the amount you will be able to pay out of the amount the lawyer charges so that he will accept to assist us after the transfer. We will pay his balance .

I will be waiting for your email.

Yours dearly,

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