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Fatima Mbogo (part 3) Tears, Cries, the African Development Bank and another fake lawyer -Clement Koffi

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We ask you to read part one and two first

First of all, our reader deserves our greatest thanks for keeping up the mail traffic, she too wanted the crime patterns to become clear and comprehensible for everyone.

Interestingly, a version of the story that the father of the alleged Fatima had been murdered by Charles Taylor rebels in Liberia circulated under the Fatima Mbogo Scam as early as 2015.

This happened under the same email address as today.

So in six years it was not possible to find the official perpetrators. Afterwards, the father died by rebels or Covid-19, tuberculosis or simply by the assassinating hand of his relatives.The mail components used by the perpetrators in other programmes are the same.

The brutal story of lies of Fatima Mbogo and her illegal call centre went into the next round in the last few days. Almost the same building blocks as in other cases of Mariyah Khalifa and Jessica Idrissa were used to make our reader compliant.

Reference was then made to the alleged lawyer Koffi, who wanted to file papers at the Supreme Court in Burkina Faso. It soon became clear that a round 40-year-old man was sitting in a hot cafe on the other side and played and acted.When our reader only raised a slight doubt, she was told that Fatima would not survive the camp. All she had to do was go to Western Union and deposit 250 euros so that poor Fatima would not die in the camp.

Countless emails came, some of them stupidly begging and others with a threatening undertone. When our reader was not willing to pay, the racism card was played, “A black girl is left in the camp, the evil white European should find it difficult not to pay.” The reference was to MoneyGram or Western Union. Apparently, the companies are not able to control the flood of payments that go to such transnational networks.

Make no mistake, only the servants of the organisations work in Africa, the backers enjoy a good life in France, the UK or Belgium. The pattern of the stories is similar, they have been appearing in increasing numbers since the beginning of the Arab Spring, and before that during the second Iraq war at the start of the millennium.

The visa from the German embassy to travel to France quickly faded into the background when the perpetrators felt that it could only be about a quick deal-.
It’s probably a scheme from Nigeria.

Our reader’s partner had a telephone conversation with the alleged banker, Dr Martin Simon. Apart from an absolutely bad telephone line, which was due to the mobile phone, it was a poor performance for the Fake African Development Bank, presented by the perpetrators who were already acting like amateurs.

It was immediately clear that the perpetrators had no idea of what they were actually doing. It was more about general questions that an ice cream vendor in Burkina Faso could have answered. The accent was from Ghana – his mail adress from Africa mail, one of the most used mail providers for scam. Unfortunately, the perpetrators think the rest of the world is stupid. Our reader decided to break off contact.

Now it is time for the politic to act on behalf of the European consumers. Brussels have to face this issue because the backers in Nigeria are unrestrainedly enriching themselves from the victims and are specifically looking for the people who are ready to take in refugees, out of their historical understanding.The Europeans.
The states in West Africa must be forced to outlaw and punish the perpetrators, so that the chain of human trafficking can be broken, at least in this respect.

Dr semon martin



With an email letter from Miss Fatima Mbogo for the transfer of DR Mbogo Edward outstanding balance in our bank into your account, After our due verification in reference to her request for the release of outstanding balance worth of(US$7,200,000.00 Million) belonging to late MR Mbogo Edward willed to Miss Fatima Mbogo, presently in our bank here in BURKINA FASO.

We have acknowledge the receipt of an email  letter from beneficiary Miss Fatima Mbogo,stating the transfer of the funds be made into your account following Miss Fatima Mbogo mail  in respect to the said inherited fund deposited in our escrow account.
Be informed that your formal email has been noted and forwarded to the transfer unit, As we were notify by the medias about the death of the original depositor of the fund in our bank in person of late MR Mbogo Edward, you are hereby required to provide the proof confirming the true death of the depositor and the legality of your claims from the side of the next of kin ( Miss Fatima Mbogo ) to enable us process the release order, you should present the following documents to this office for the contents to be viewed properly.
1. You should present an authority letter (Power of attorney) on your name in full dully signed by Miss Fatima Mbogo and a Burkina-faso based lawyer as your witness, mandating you to make this claims and transfer on Miss Fatima Mbogo behalf.

2.You should present the original deposit certificate of the fund.
We hope that you will understand that our request for the above documents and information’s is part of the our security protocols to avoid fraudulent claims or an unwarranted taking advantage of his absence by some individuals or some other distance relations who might have had access to his privacy.

You are also advice to confirm your bank account data as we will not be held responsible for any transfer of funds into any other bank account as a result of mistake from you.
On receipts of the above documents/information’s, with satisfaction, we shall process your claim and effect the transfer. We sincerely sorry for the inconvenience, and we promise to give our customers the best of our services.
Yours sincerely


DIRECTOR GENERAL REMITTANCE DEPARTMENT                                                      *******************************************************************  AFRICA DEVELOPMENT BANK (ADB) BF.

We are neither just an off shore nor are we only onshore ……..WE ARE BOTH; We touch base at every nook and cranny of the country.

That is why you will always find an AFRICA DEVELOPMENT BANK ( ADB) branch up North, down South, East and West. Our amiable record is borne out of the bank’s philosophy of clients satisfaction, we offer our clients the following services: Traditional Banking services, Corporate Finance Services, Telebanking Services, Visible & Invisible Transaction Services, Exports Desk Services and Public Sectors Services. We are totally devoted to you…… This transmission has been issued by ADB Group ”ADB” for the information of the addressee only and should not be reproduced and / or distributed to any other person to its completeness or accuracy.


I called the bank today and Mr Martin Semion told me that he has made a contact with you through email and telephone conversation,i asked him about the bank landline and he told me that the bank landline is attached to the bank digital security department,please can you send me the massage your received from the bank so that i will know exactly what is going on.

I have asked a friend that works at the embassy and she told me that i will apply a France visa and from France i can travel to Germany with train,he told me that to get German visa is very hard now,but i can still apply as a student,i know all will work out for good,please do let me know the message you received from the bank.

Hope to hear from you,please i really need your help,i know that I will get a visa to either France or Germany,please forward the message you received from the bank to let me know what the bank said.

Fatima Mbogo.


I am very happy to see the letter you received from the bank,I thank you very much for what you have been doing for me i believe soon God will see us through, Indeed it is natural and nothing can turn us apart, I hope to come to meet you soon and be hearing your sweet confident voice close to me, I am very happy that you have contacted the bank and the bank have finally response to us,I thank God for everything,I really appreciate your care and your concern and I know God will surely see us through.Thanks for all your effort in making sure that i come out from my present condition in fact I am most grateful and I promise you that you will not regret knowing me and I have promise my self to be with you all the rest of my life.According to the bank request, After reading the message you received from the bank I understand that they required a backing documents which i have one of the document with me the Deposit Certificate.

Since we don’t have the remaining certificates i suggest we appoint an attorney who will help us and procure the certificates from the ministries because if you come down here in person the ministries might ask you some directives questions which i may not be there to answer them and also the problem of covid 19 and it will cost you a lot of money.i suggest we appoint an attorney I have talked with the Rev Father David West and he said he will speak with the mission lawyer to help you and represent us to the federal high court to get the certificates,the lawyer will also help us to prepare the Letter of administration on our behalf. Below is the lawyer contact The Rev.Father gave to me after i explained everything to him.

Telephone number.+22678457355

This lawyer will help us to get the items which is the affidavit of oath and the letter of administration, the lawyer will also draft the transfer application for us and support from the federal high court here in Burkina Faso.Please keep this matter strictly confidential,I can always trust you, Because I don’t want my step mother to know about this, as you can see that we are almost at the end of this matter, God will help us. Now there is no need for us to keep waiting since the bank is ready to make this transfer once the documents are ready, I have asked the Rev.Father and he gave me a contact of a good indiginal lawyer here in Burkina Faso who will help us to get these documents.

Please I will like you to make contact with this law firm immediately and ask him to help us to get those needed document for us to enable you send them to the bank for the wire transfer of the money into your account,as you can see that everything concerning this transfer is complete, please help me out to see that this lawyer get this document within next week ok, my prayers are with you and I know that God will surely see us through. Send the letter you received from the bank to the lawyer for his understanding.I will never forget you in my life and my God will bless you for me, waiting to hear from you with the response from the lawyer. Please call the lawyer on the phone so that he will know our seriousness ok.

At the same time send also an email to the lawyer.Send the letter you received from the bank to the lawyer immediately for more understanding on what he need to do, Thank you for your concern,always put me in your daily prayers.I will be waiting to hear from you soonest.Please send your contact phone number to the lawyer so that he can contact you as soon as they receive your mail or you can call the lawyer on telephone ok.

Mary Fatima Mbogo.


How are you today,i hope you are in good health,i am just coming back from the lawyer office and he told me that you sent an email to him,he said after going through the emal you received from the bank the he understand what the bank need to transfer the money to your account,he said it will cost it about 250 euro to get all the documents needed by the bank and we pay him after the bank transfer the money to your account,i am very helpless here because i don’t know what to do and i don’t know where to get the 250 euro now.

Please my dearest i beg you with the name of God to help me with this fees please,i beg you with tears in my eyes please,i don’t have anything with me here in the camp,i beg you with tears in my eyes to help me and i will pay you back as soon as the bank transfer the money to your account,please hear my cry,i beg you with all my heart,i know is very difficult for you to help me because i am a black girl,but please i beg you with all my heart,my main problem is how to continue with my education which is very much important to me,please see the tears in my eyes,please take me like your own sister and your own blood,i don’t want want to stay here any longer,i beg you with the name of God.

Hear my cry and God will bless you and all your family.

Mary Fatima Mbogo.


Please you can call the lawyer and beg him,i need help now,i don’t want to die because of this problem,please safe my life,i need your help in my life now please,God will bless you if you can help a poor like me,please listen to my cry.
Mary Fatima Mbogo.

In minutes came new mails to save the “deal”

i don’t have bank account,i can only receive money here through money gram or western union money transfer with my name

i have asked the lawyer to send you message about this issue,he told me that by monday he will go to the high court to get clearance to move ahead with the transaction,please i beg you with all my heart please,

ok i will ask him to give me his account information

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