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Actually, we had already forgotten about Teresa Anders’ cheeky lies. Now she follows up, rather the Teresa Anders programme is coming to an end and she writes that she left an ATM card at the UBA that would be over 80,000 US $ a small thank you for all the efforts. Yes, but it costs up to US$600 to transport the card to Europe.

Therefore: Do not reply to such mails. Don’t send any personal documents, no money, don’t waste your time with this nonsense, move the mails into the digital waste bin.

Where it all started with Teresa Anders.

Hello my dear,
How are you once again , i hope you remember me? i am Miss,Teresa Anders,(Formally at the Refugee Camp at Benin Republic sometime Ago) I’m very much glad to write  to you again to inform you that i have successfully transferred my late Father money and also i dropped an ATM CARD credited $80,000Dollars at UBA bank in Benin Republic as compensation for your efforts to help me out then.. Try and contact the Bank now for the credited ATM CARD with the help of new law in Benin Republic.  Bank Email: ( ) contact them for the credited ATM  CARD,

Ask the bank to post the ATM CARD to you, with the card you can withdraw the money from any bank there in your country or any where in the world with any currency of your choice

I do appreciated your efforts,therefore establish contacts with them(bank) for the delivery of the ATM  CARD,  to you without any delay. Take care and remain Blessed.
Miss, Teresa Anders  .

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