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Joyce Andrew Scammer

Joyce Andrew gives away whole equipment and money at once. It is scam.

There are apple phones, Toshiba laptops, 1 LED TV, i-phones, gold wristwatches and some gold jewellery, video cameras, shoes, package shirts, trousers, woofer sound system, ONE (letter) envelope.

Where the perpetrators get the cheek to believe that anyone would believe this nonsense borders on insulting the readers of the mail. The pictures are probably stolen from a Turkish woman.

Our reader who sent us the mails, thank you for that, was sent dozens of pictures.

The trick is old and comes from Nigeria. Therefore, because none of it is true: Do not reply, do not send documents, money for transport costs or anything like that, even if Grace Ava is the sister of all the disinherited. Put the mail in the dustbin.

Hi my dear friend,     

How are you doing and life with you in general? I hope you had a wonderful day? I am fine. It’s just that I, Joyce, am a very busy woman. All the contents of your mail were quite noted and understood. It is true we have not met; nevertheless, from your mail I am taking you for seriousness. Before i proceed, i will like to inform you that If we are to become best of friends, we are to base our friendship on honesty, trustfulness, and love, above all, open-minded; this is because i do not want to experience pain or you, in any ways, as i really want to be your friend.

I am glad that you base your mails on honesty and I know we will go places. Am a naturalist and I also believe in nature and its divine laws. I believe in the law of Reciprocal Action otherwise known as The Law Of Retributive Justice or The Law of Karma. I believe in the simplicity of life. I try doing unto others what i would want others to do unto me. My lifestyle is not different but it has a unique parameter which makes me associate with all humans. I like listening to inspirational and emotional music, traveling and watching movies. I don’t smoke. I drink responsibly. My Best COLOR is WHITE cause white signifies purity, love, good, godly, freedom, light and other primordial virtues. I like BLUE. Other colors I like for a few reasons are RED, SKY-BLUE and BLACK.

It’s a pity if your color is not one of those I admire.
Anyway, I will keep on trying my best to make out time and check my mail just for your sake and I promise once I receive any of your mail i will get back to you immediately. Attached are some of my pictures again.
Take care of yourself.

Yours best regards, Joyce.

Joyce Andrew- Stolen picture
Joyce Andrew- Stolen picture
Joyce Andrew- Stolen picture
Joyce Andrew- Stolen picture
Joyce Andrew- Stolen picture
Joyce Andrew- Stolen picture

One day later … a Scammer gift

Hello dear, I guess you are doing great.
There are no words enough to express the joy in my heart because  you right beside me, may God’s  blessings and Favor  fill the broken parts of your life.

I’m very sorry that I could not reply to your message in time. I was very busy in office with Christian Humanitarian Commission.

I got some gifts and items from the organizations ( Christian Humanitarian Commissions ) and your thoughts just came into my heart and I decided to send some to you as presents. Actually I do not have a need for some of these items so I felt they might be useful to you in one way or the other, and also for you to know in your heart that I came first among all your friends.

I sent these gift items through a Co_worker,  Reverend sister Grace Ava, as she went to Senegal yesterday for Christian Humanitarian Commissions to Senegal with her groups, Sisters of Our Lady’s Christian Doctrines. Yesterday after participating in a Church meeting we held, I gave her the gift items to deliver to you when she arrives there since you didn’t supply me with your postal address and I couldn’t wait for you to do that now because of my urgency.

I am on my way to Haiti, for Christian Humanitarian Commission Aid support in Haiti.

I believe where the Reverend Sister Grace Ava  is residing ( The Senegal ) might be a bit far or close to your residence country.

 You should ensure to contact her via email address and telephone number: +221 703357672:  

Email:  : write to her immediately regarding how to receive your gift package and you should try to send her your home postal Address and telephone numbers to enable her to post your items to your home destination.

Please try to copy this email (   ) and forward it through her email address. *My Dear Reverend Sister Grace Ava   Am a very good friend to  Dr Joyce Andrew. I contacted you so that you can direct me on how to receive my gift parcels Thanks and God Bless You..

Please don’t laugh at me when you receive the items, I know it isn’t much but I sent it from my innermost heart and believe you are going to appreciate everything inside the package because it is coming from a special friend and in a special way.

I know that you will be in need of these items in one way or the other.

The contents of the items are: Apple phones, Toshiba laptop computers, 1 LED Television ,  i-phones,  golden wristwatches and some golden Jewelries, Video Cameras, Shoes, Packet shirts, trousers, woofer sound system, AN ENVELOPE.  I packed everything in a medium carton and gave it to Reverend Sister Grace Ava  to deliver it to you because she didn’t travel with much luggage of her own when she was traveling.

Open the  pack of one of the cartons and bring out the Envelope which I put inside, it contains some of my recent pictures and that of my family members too and a surprise Gift well raped which I don’t want to disclose to you until you see it yourself okay.

Please kindly keep me Updated when you have received it alright, so I will be aware. so that we can share the joy and happiness together.

I pen down here and hope to get back your prompt and lovely response. I love you please try to message me once you receive the gift.
Yours Ever Loving.
Dr Joyce Andrew. 

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