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Satan would feel screwed

The problem is the prevalence of alleged foundations wanting to give money to strangers, using an article from the Daily Mail, who of course have nothing to do with it.

Whoever Charles Feeney is, he should prescribe himself an English course before donating or passing away. He can’t communicate like that even in hell. The devil would instruct his secretary to return to Feeney the nonsense he writes. The Satan would feel screwed. We were curious to know what else Feeney had to report, unfortunately he did not get back to us. No information to the crooks, no papers, straight into the digital dustbin with it.

Thank you for confirming the validity of your email address and also
accepting this grant, My foundation (Atlantic Philanthropies)
technically is responsible for awarding grant / donation but I have
i always wanted to make a personal donation to random individuals in any
part of the world and that is why I have decided to give [$ 12,900,000
USD] to you secretly without my foundation being aware. It gives me
great joy finally being able to make this donation to you, let’s make
the world a better place by giving and solving each others problem,
all people have the right to opportunity, equity and dignity to
facilitate the disbursement process of the funds valued at Twelve
Million Nine Hundred Thousand United States Dollars [$12,900,000 USD]
which have been donated solely to you, please send me the below
information before proceeding with remitting the sum of Twelve Million
Nine Hundred Thousand United States Dollars [$ 12,900,000 USD] to you.
I am hoping that you will be able to use the money wisely and
Judiciously. I ask you to do what you can to alleviate the level of
Poverty in your region and also try to enhance the standard of living
Of as many people as you can and see the joy and happiness of giving.

Do make sure you provide me with your complete information below so I
Forward it to my selected payout bank for disbursement.

Full Name:
Contact Address:
Mobile Number:
Age / Sex:

I am trusting you to make good use of this money.

Please do not be my skepticism about free Will Donation to you and
Visit: news/article-2373420/

Thank you for accepting this offer, I am indeed grateful. I anticipate
Your earliest response.

Charles F. Feeney

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