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Scammer-Amateurs at work for 50 US$

Scammer-Amateurs at work for 50 US$

Who these Nigerian scammers want to lure out from behind the stove is questionable. 50 euros for the driver to take the vehicle from the White House , wherever. Of course, the story is bullshit scam.
It is brutally miserable.
Therefore: Do not reply to such mails. Don’t send any personal documents, no money, don’t waste your time with this nonsense, move the mails into the digital waste bin.

FORM BMW Dealership
Hello how are you doing I am Benjamin Edward from The BMW Delivery
Agent and I am written t o inform you
about your BMW winning fund that brought by the United Embassy from
the government
of USA in the white house Washington DC The 1 BMW X6 jeeps and a check
of $10.5 millions USD Have Been Mandated
to be deliver to your address as soon as you get back to me and the
truck driver that will drive it to your house demanding 50 dollar so
you need to try and get back to me urgent with The Following Details

Your current home address……?
Your full name…………………?
Next of kin…………….?
You received my message OK
Best regard Mr Anthony Gabrel

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