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Fake Invoice of MSC

Ocean Freight Payment Notification

Many readers receive dozens of these letters, which are supposed to be an invoice from the MSC Shipping Company.

The writer demands an overdue invoice.

Obviously, it is a fake, as it is not possible to open the invoice on which it is supposedly based. Viruses are also transmitted with the invoice. Do not open the mails, do not reply, move this mail straight to the digital rubbish bin and delete the mails there.

Dear Valued Customer,

Please find attached statement of your account including all current, past due and credit balances.
Kindly note, this statement may not reflect payments submitted in the last 48 hours.

        Current:                                  $0.00
        1-30 days overdue:               $1,730.00
        31-60 days overdue:             $0.00
        61-90 days overdue:             $0.00
        91-180 days overdue:           $0.00
        Over 180 days overdue:       $0.00

Total Overdue: $1,730.00

Available Credits from Overpayments: $0.00

Please remit payment at your earliest convenience.

For wire transfers use: Your remittance advice shall be emailed to and should include payer name, full amount of the wire and break-down allocation of the payment by invoice/bill of lading number.

Best Regards,

Credit and Collections Dept
Nothing to see, Screenshot,2021

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