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KASIKORN  Bank Pcl – Peter Young Scam (1)

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KASIKORN Bank Pcl-Peter Young Scam

It’s the old trick that scammers like to use again and again to get the last cent out of their victims’ pockets. This scam is a poor imitation of the Nigerian model. Corrupt politicians, abandoned accounts, abandoned money and a scammer who wants to do something cospirative. Of course, the trick has been played on us for years. A bad copy from Nigeria, as I said, but we understand that the Corona crisis has also shaken the whole scammer industry. What is surprising, however, is that the domain was registered in Reykjavik a few days ago. No worries our reader informed the police, and afterwards the mails were send to us.

It’s a nasty bullshit story.
Move the mail to the digital dustbin, don’t reply, don’t send anything.

Hello ,

I’m a banker working with KASIKORN  Bank Pcl Thailand. This Customer Mr Paul Bedwell died 8 years ago and left 12.5 million US dollars in his account and Since no relatives have come to claim this money because his account does not have any mandate of any next of Kin .  I contacted you so that you can stand to claim this money since you have the same family name as the deceased. Let me explain things for you so you can understand. I notice that my bank is trading with the money and making a lot of profit with it. This explains why they have not made serious efforts to locate anyone who may be related to the deceased. As the entire system of government is controlled by the prime minister’s family and caucus of the parliament.

The account owner had been deceased for over years, and in his record, his account does not have next of kin for some strange reasons, and If this money is left unclaimed by next month the bank would confiscate the account and move the money to CBT (Central Bank of Thailand)

I have relevant documents to back up this claim and I assure you that we will handle everything perfectly. You and I will share the money 50/50 after the money is transferred to a safe account. I think this is a fair decision instead of the corrupt Thailand officials taking the money.

You and I can do a lot of business in the future and keep a good friendship which our both families will enjoy in the future , but we have to be careful not to reveal the secret in order to protect my job here as a Bank staff and also for a successful completion.

I am really convinced that you will be able to handle this transaction. I am 100% sure that we both can handle this maturely and confidentially. Nevertheless, note that two cannot work together if they do not agree.

Your total cooperation in this matter will be highly appreciated with your good understanding. I am waiting for your reply so that i will tell you what we need to do to claim the funds within 2 weeks.

Best Regard


  Thank You very much for your kind consideration. I feel very comfortable doing this transaction with you. From my few communications  with you I think you seem to have a good and open spirit of fairness.  I only worry about your ability to keep this transaction secret to protect my job and also for a successful completion.

   This transaction will go through the following very simple procedure.  I can assure you there is no risk or any trouble from my side.


   The probate lawyer I am recommending to you now will apply on your behalf to the Kingdom of Thailand Probate and Estate Administration Registry for legal rights and claims to the bank account of Late  Mr Paul Bedwell

   The Kingdom of Thailand probate administrative Authority would verify the claims from my bank. I was his account manager before he died so my bank management will ask me to provide the names and address of the rightful next of kin to the account.

   I will provide your name and contact details. This verification process will take about one week or less. After the verification process a grant of administration to the deceased bank account will be issued with your name as the beneficiary. This legal document would be  copied to the bank and the supreme  court. With this document you will become an authorized signatory to the account and can make online transfers or can authorize the bank to transfer the funds to any Bank account of your choice in any Country.


   Copy this letter below and send it to the probate lawyer’s email

   Dear Barrister Patanachai Pengmak,

   My name is……………………………………..
  I am the relative of the late Mr Paul Bedwell and next of kin to his account with KASIKORN  Bank Pcl Thailand. I hereby solicit the services
of your law firm for the probate application and legal grant of administration to the account.

  Below are my contact details

  Contact address:……………………………………………

  Phone Numbers:……………………………………………..



Please, for more information regarding this claim you can contact KASIKORN  Bank Pcl Thailand.

  I anticipate your urgent attention to my request and also Copy me as you are forwarding it to the lawyer.

  Yours Faithfully

 Have you seen what i sent to you to do, Please fill the below in that previous message send the lawyer email and copy me immediately. waiting to hear from you

Scammers nerv wrecked warning


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